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I see people going swimming and surfing in the ocean in the fall when no lifeguards are on duty. How do you? related questions

  • 1I see people going swimming and surfing in the ocean in the fall when no lifeguards are on duty. How do you?

    decide if you are a strong swimmer to exit without lifeguards on duty ? In many areas that are only on duty during the summer , but I see people in the fall and spring .

  • 2Dream about swimming in the ocean with my dad?

    I had a dream last night where I was in this hotel is entering an elevator . when i got to my apartment suddenly deep in the ocean with no land to be seen around . It was kind of cloudy and raining and I was with my father and we were trying to avoid the huge waves . At one point there was a red cable car ( the red buses that are in San Francisco ) and is rotated in the wave lol It was very weird and I just want to know what the waves and all that meant .

  • 3Why did I experience chaffing when swimming in the ocean?

    My brother and I were in Puerto Vallarta recently and both went swimming in the ocean . We were riding the waves on a surfboard for a few minutes . Then we both had sore inner thighs . This did not happen when we went swimming in the pool . So why do we experience chafing in the ocean ?

  • 4Will California actually fall into the ocean when the big quake they are predicting hits?

    California was actually falling into the ocean when the big earthquake hits predicting ?

  • 5What would happen to a person if a tsunami passed while swimming in open ocean?

    After the tsunami in Japan , I am curious as to what would happen , because I read about the movement of waves . 500 mph through the open ocean . Wondering how it would affect a human being swim on the surface as the wave passes . anyone know

  • 6At a certain harbor, the tides cause the ocean surface to rise and fall a distance d?

    ( highest- lowest level ) in simple harmonic motion with a period of 12.1 h . How long ( in hours ) it takes for the water to fall a distance d / 4 its highest level ?

  • 7When all the stars fall will they be able to fall faster than the speed of light?

    Immediately after the tribulation of those days shall the sun be darkened , and the moon shall not give her light , the stars will fall from heaven , and the powers of heaven shall be shaken Matthew 24:28-30 (in Context ) Matthew 24 ( Whole Chapter )

  • 8If an earthquake hit Antarctica near the Ross Ice Shelf would it cause the whole shelf to fall into the ocean?

    If the Ross Ice Shelf falls into the ocean and causes the sea level to rise land eight meters (26.5 feet ) ! As accelerate sea level rise occurring worldwide ? Would it cause a tidal wave or tide would change gradually over days or weeks?

  • 9Call of Duty: Black Ops III

    Hello, I've played about 9 hours so far and have only had a few crashes to the desktop after the game ends and 1 server disconnect. I don't expect much in the first week of release so I'm not complaining. I find the matchmaking works much better with all the current players online. I seem to be pinging in the 40s in most games and haven't seen many high pingers, causing the excessive lag compensation to kick in. I didn't find the right solution from the internet.  References:  Medical Device Marketing 

  • 10USA Is it your spiritual duty to drive down the price of oil by demanding less?

    With 40% of world consumption of U.S. consumers can with personal determination and discomfort is not much if they use their brains a genius to do it. It is their duty to themselves and their brothers and sisters around the world ? Or is use whatever you can afford and screw everyone else?

  • 11How often does the National Guard get deployed for active duty?

    I'm curious , I have a friend who is enlisting in the National Guard , now I know a little about it , I know I will go to basic training , and that will be a priority two weeks a month or something those lines , but with how often are deployed for active duty ?

  • 12What do people do in the ocean?

    We are moving toward the ocean and wonder how people " play " there. It is so so so cold that you can not be in it so long and the undercurrents , not always safe . I was told to walk along the bay is a bad idea if the tide is coming in as you can get stuck and not turning away from children . What are you doing there , sitting in the sand ? Is it windy oyseter Can you pick and eat ? Are there inland lakes ?