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QI see people going swimming and surfing in the ocean in the fall when no lifeguards are on duty. How do you?

decide if you are a strong swimmer to exit without lifeguards on duty ? In many areas that are only on duty during the summer , but I see people in the fall and spring .

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#1bailteeeydhAnswered at 2012-12-27 22:11:21
If you are not a danger to himself swimming, then you go swimming . If you are unsure , try a little softer water and see if it is up to par. Being alive and out of the water is much better than being in the water panic .
I live in Oregon and there is a lifeguard at any point in our 363 miles of ocean beaches . But then there is a lot of people swimming because the water temperature. In all the beaches I've been to Hawaii , California , Florida , Italy , France , Spain, Greece , Morocco , Fiji , New Zealand , Australia , French Polynesia, Easter Island , Ecuador and Chile , there has been no lifeguard . On the other side , sat on a beach of Lake Michigan in Indiana at a time when the lifeguards
#2Kelly!Answered at 2013-01-12 14:57:16
Swimmers and surfers are divided into different categories. Surfers use the buddy system and if there are good swells also other surfers in the lineup. If you see someone in trouble to help them. Surfers need to swim, but they have a great swimmers. Most carry a leash from his ankle to his board. If caught on the lip of the wave and support a retention [held under the waves breaking over the head] of course remain calm. The board floats on the surface due to buoyancy and the surfer follows his belt. The board is a flotation device classes, but it is a lifesaver. If the belt is set then an experienced surfer can ride the waves, going for his advice, or someone else grabs it. Because they usually do not have to swim 300 yards just paddling around half that distance or less, they are okay. It's a matter of being completely comfortable in his element. Swimmers must be strong, but may have less experience in open water. They do not have a leash attached to a table to float. They may not be able to read as easily inflated or used to being held under. Many, but not all, prefer to go alone is extremely dangerous if there is a shark attack or get sick. There are giant waves and underwater currents, so you can claim the lives of swimmers unfamiliar with the terrain. It's like climbing mountains when the ranger station is closed - you do so at your own risk . At any time you can swim under lifeguard supervision, do so. Here are some things to help you decide, but it is not a substitute for a lifeguard. 1. Know the area. They are rip tides, tidal waves and high surf there a problem? 2. Know what a rip tide is and how to read the waves and patterns in order to leave one. 3. Do you scare easily? You need to be able to stay calm, no matter what. 4. Make sure someone knows where on earth is and always have a companion. 5. Swim during the day. If something happens to the people of Search and Rescue can be located faster.
#3ReishaAnswered at 2013-01-25 05:47:29
hmm ... I've never swum in the ocean , because my ocean is very dirty .. I've gone swimming usually in the pool . I think it's nice to swim in the sea .. In my opinion , lifeguards are made to protect commoners who come to swim or surf in the ocean . If drowning or something that helps ?
#4tondraAnswered at 2013-04-07 11:19:14
Basically , if you're not sure whether or not you will be safe , do not go . There are year-round lifeguard patrolling the beach during the summer months , but not in force as they are during the summer . Surfers and swimmers coming out in the fall , winter and spring , or go with a friend or very confident in their abilities.
#5BerdiaAnswered at 2013-06-11 23:58:27
You have to be confident in yourself, I come from brasil and there are many beaches that are not monitored by life guards and I always went swimming there. As long as you have a good knowledge of the tides and also make sure you are swimming a good distance from where the waves break and you know you are a good swimmer you should be OK, but don't do it unless you know that you are capable of doing it...
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I see people going swimming and surfing in the ocean in the fall when no lifeguards are on duty. How do you?

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