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QHere is why I believe tax payer money should not be used to fund religion or "faith based" organizations?

Let's say that the government had to provide money to a relief effort based on the Christian faith to help victoms of a massive earthquake or hurricane . Would not that also require them to cough up money to Muslims , Hindus , Buddhists , Jews , and even Sihk organizations ? It seems that also would provide money to godless atheist organizations for billboards and bus ads .

Do you have the same opinion ?

It seems a lot of conservatives in the states want to spend money to churches to get votes of conservative Christians .

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#1Flo's in love with Kevin!!!!! Answered at 2012-12-29 02:57:20
In a fair system to give equal treatment to all religions so, but remember that this is not justice but rather a group of monopolizing power over others.
#25th physical prop of matterAnswered at 2012-12-30 17:50:14
✞ ✞ ✞ In my opinion, there is nothing wrong with the government wants to help people when they encounter tragedy ....
#3EmmalineAnswered at 2013-04-11 07:24:32
Using your logic ... You must then withdraw funding to public schools. Public schools have become a pretext for the dissemination of secular humanism , and I object to my taxes are used to ... The same force that opposes their money will
#4mikku454Answered at 2013-07-18 01:28:49
Taxpayer money shouldn't be used to pay for anything. It is nothing more than a product of theft. Make the government offer its allegedly necessary services on an open market based on voluntary exchange. Let's see how long those profligate ne'er-do-wells last under that type of arrangement.
#5beanoAnswered at 2013-08-04 03:59:55

Because a part of any money donated to fund a organization will always go to cover overheads.
In the case of funds going to a religious organization, some of it will ALWAYS be used directly or indirectly for preaching and proselytizing. (even if the funds just go to pay the airline ticket for the relief workers to go some place. Preaching is what they will do there in addition to the real, good, secular work. Preaching only made possible by these funds / giving them taxpayers money....)
#66th GraderAnswered at 2013-10-05 23:28:50
I agree. I also see no reason why religious business income should be exempted the payment of taxes.

And why cannot secular organisations, like the Red Cross or Doctors without borders, be established to receive charitable donations and do good works? Look at how that Mother Teresa woman manipulated the donations of charitable people to divert money intended for the poor to fund the vatican bigwigs.
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Here is why I believe tax payer money should not be used to fund religion or "faith based" organizations?

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