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QWhat does mining waste do to our environment?

What tailings do to our environment ?

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#1malAnswered at 2013-09-30 17:28:49
there is a natural way of environmental changes in the eco system; like soil erotion by rain and wind. Due to this the appearance of the earth changes steadily but, this is a slow process. But, we must understand that all the things that we mine out were the things that existed in the surface of the earth, once. Gradually and slowly, they went down. Thus some of the things like coal and graphite were formed. When we take these "burried" things out suddenly contrary to the slow natural process, it affects the naturallity. The wastes that we keep outside came out suddenly. Once they were inside. The outer earth cannot "agree" this. She changes her "color." This causes natural disasters like Tsunami, Cyclone, earth quakes.
#2AnonymousAnswered at 2014-01-08 06:09:00
mining waste happpens
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What does mining waste do to our environment?

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