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QWhat would happen if the moon fell out of orbit?

Hypothetically speaking , what kind of disastrous impact we have on Earth , if our moon was falling out of the gravitational pull of the Earth ? Either slowly or all at once .

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#1MakhmudAnswered at 2012-12-26 08:03:52
Well , things did not " fall" out of orbit , change their orbital patterns . It depends on whether the moon is closer to or away from the earth .
#2mujahidAnswered at 2013-01-13 05:39:25
Hmm - m ... Your question is incomplete . You mean the moon suddenly start getting closer and closer to the Earth , the Moon or suddenly start to go farther and farther from Earth until at last he was free of Earth's gravitational field ? If the Moon was a downward spiral and impact with Earth would be a global catastrophe like never before in the long history of the Earth . Most likely, all life would be eliminated in a very short period of time . Massive earthquakes shake the world as the mass of the Moon was absorbed by the Earth's crust . A large bulge in the shape of the Earth would result in a very irregular wobble in the rotation of the Earth to a spherical appearance was recovered as a result of changes in different land masses . Some fish species can survive
event. If the moon was drifting out of orbit around the Earth significantly tides as we know it would cease to occur. Occasional changes in wind driven water levels would occur as they do today . Other than that , and the loss of night lighting of the moon do not think anything else would happen . Many people at NASA working on projects related to the moon would be out of a job. And, most likely, the CIA director who lost his job for failing to warn the Presidency of this tragic waste of time for us to have done something about it. Chances are that our chastize Congress President for not making enough men to work the same way he handled things in Iraq .
#3MellieAnswered at 2013-01-16 14:31:39
#4Flo's in love with Kevin!!!!! Answered at 2013-01-17 08:25:37
The sky is falling ! The sky is falling !
#5IsaacAnswered at 2013-03-12 06:18:38
It will not be the gravitational pull is too strong . But if I did, I'd probably be lying on the ground , not yet .
#6AccountingAnswered at 2013-04-05 04:03:16
Moon escapes the gravitational field of the Earth in about half an inch each year . If there was no moon , then life as we know it would not exist , the moon stabilizes the Earth's rotation , giving the earth 's seasons . The moon is not the direct cause of our seasons , but it helps gravitational field . If there was no moon then we would storm blowing with a wind speed of two hundred miles per hour. The tides would only sun , so you see the moon is an important part of life on earth , it may even be the reason of life , because billions of years ago was much more and tides were tides thousand feet which aroused the primordial oceans to the building blocks of life have a better chance of taking hold.
#7zoranAnswered at 2013-06-11 04:49:30
If the moon fell out of the orbit it will crash the earth and the earth simply end like that
#8John PAnswered at 2013-07-27 11:08:28
Interesting question. think of an answer for this type of question, we should consider all the influences of moon on earth. Moon plays a very vital role in several factors. Ocean Tides, Speed of Earth's rotation to name few. If the moon were to disappear (hypothetically speaking), our planet would rotate faster since there is no drag from moon's gravity. If our planet were too big like jupiter, then moon's influence wouldn't have been so worth talking about. For example, jupiter has moons but since the planet is extremely big, its moon's influence is little on the planet. That is one of the reasons why Jupiter rotates faster. With that being said, it will lead to further changes within the planet too. Our earth (without moon) would start rotating faster and days would be shorter. Wind pattern might change and we would have very high winds that will last much longer.
Another important thing with the absence of moon is that, tides will not disappear. They will be there but we wont be seeing any high tides. (Bad for surfing :-) )
Tides also help in marine ecology. The changes in tidal waves will have a ripple effect on several things from sea life to climate. When i say sea life....i mean everything from microorganisms to big sea creatures.
#9BroganAnswered at 2013-08-05 13:09:02
We wouldnt have our high and low tides every 6 hours? I dont think it will have much of an impact. The moon is slowly drifting farther out.
#10Connie (g/ma)Answered at 2013-09-14 10:08:48
you would die. so would I
#11Stephanie24Answered at 2013-09-18 16:38:19
What would happen if the Moon fell out of its orbit around Earth?
What would happen if the moon fell out of orbit with Earth completely. Specifically, how would that affect climate, geology, etc.?

Before I answer your question, you should understand that this will probably never happen. Only if a large object like Mars comes close to the Earth-Moon system is there any chance of an event like this happening.

If the Moon did escape from Earth, the main effect would be the lack of tides on Earth. Tides are caused by the differential gravitational force on the equatorial regions: i.e. the region closer to the Moon experiences more gravitational force than the region on Earth away from the Moon. This results in the formation of high and low tides on different regions of the Earth.

Other than tidal forces, there is no other geological or climatic influence of the Moon on Earth. There are issues like no more Moon to light up the night sky, no more solar eclipses, etc. but there will be no change in the geology or climate on Earth.
#12pytAnswered at 2013-10-10 21:49:35
Watch "Space 1999"
#13jajaAnswered at 2013-10-23 23:59:42
the moon has been steadily drifting farther way. The moon was much closer to the earth in the early days of the planet.

The tides would stop, and along with that, much of the worlds ocean currents, likely causing a crash in life in the oceans, and severely impacting global climate and food supplly

In addition, the earth would tilt on it's axis, wreaking even more havoc and probably driving HomosSapien into extinction.

Other than that, not much.
#14OliverAnswered at 2013-11-09 09:58:06
The moon is slowly receding from the earth and will one day
escape earths gravity..
There will be huge major catostrophic changes to earth's
climate and man will be sorely impacted...
#15alibabaAnswered at 2013-12-18 20:08:50
well the moon is traveling away from us, that is a known fact. in the 70s scientists even proposed that we someday steal another planet's moon and place it on orbit around it sounds crazy but then again we spent a lot of time thinking the earth was flat so who knows! if the moon left us our climate would go crazy and our orbit would change radically...basically we would die since we would have an ice age, next year we'd have tsunamis...etc extreme changes in temperature not to mention the fact that if our orbit changes we might hit either a planet or a meteor. the implications are huge and the complications even bigger.
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