Earth Questions

If you had a time machine and were able to save a certain group of ppl who would they be ? related questions

  • 1If you had a time machine and were able to save a certain group of ppl who would they be ?

    Jews - (Holocaust ) B - Africans (slavery ) C - Haitian ( earth quake) Note : You can only save a group .

  • 2In earth quakes lot of people died at the same time.that time astrology will work or no?

    In ground shakes many people died at the same time time.that astrology work or not ?

  • 3I felt a hurricane hit land at 2pm mst time aug 19 from a S-W heading where was dean at that time?

    I often feel earthquakes and sometimes see things before they happen , becouse of this pull sw , along with the feeling of wet sand and the wind turning hurricaine I wonder if Dean made ​​landfall at that time and if so where

  • 4Can you name this song and the group ?

    She was a fast machine She kept her motor clean It was the best damn woman I had ever seen His eyes were blind I said no lie Me Knockin ' thighs with American Taking more than her share If I fight for air She told me to come but I was already there Because the walls start shaking The earth trembled My mind was aching And we were makin and you -

  • 5Tell me please what is group travel?

    Tell me please what is group travel?

  • 6Cabot Consulting Group

    p { direction: ltr; text-align: left; } What are the best practices of a consultant group?  

  • 7Music Trivia (4) Can you name this song / group ?

    Because the walls start shaking The earth trembled My mind was aching And you were doing and -

  • 8I need a really good rap for a group of guys that I need to empress?

    Ok , so I have a lot of guy friends who wanted empress with a rhyme very well . ( Or , in his case, a rap ) which can be good or bad , but can not be

  • 9How can i help save the world?

    hello I used to be so afriad of the world will end soon im bt bt convienced their things keep happening again as the oil spill hati earth quake earthquake in China more than offense never lose employment Is God trying to tell us to change before its too late .... and if so how I can assist governments in controlling all gangs are recruiting more people and destroy this country and its little hard to tell a ruthless gang with a gun what hes doing do we need another Martin Luther King except around the world, what can we do to change this world , how can we stop gangs , how can we save the earth

  • 10Jehovah! When is God going to save us?

    Hello , I know it says in the Bible that no one knows the hour or the hour of his return to earth . But why , why the human race ceased to suffer this way . disease , poverty , crime , hatred , injustice , natural disasters such as earthquakes , people who lost there loved ones in floods and houses there. Why is it taking so long? I pray for people all the time and I'm sure a lot of other people do , so whhhhy .

  • 11How would earthquake scientist fare in the BIG BANG group?

    Scientists are predicting a major earthquake in California , an asteroid striking Earth but how your rate experience in a duel with BIG BANGERS ?

  • 12Is it possible for a person or group of persons to trigger earth quakes?

    Say for example HAARP . Their locations around the world really is something to consider . Here 's some information on geophysical research of these devices . The website also talks about an old book , but I'm just showing the geophysical short articles and not advertising a book. Related Research by Begich and Manning uncovered bizarre schemes . For example, Air Force documents revealed that a system has been developed for manipulating and disturbing human mental processes through pulsed radio frequency radiation (the stuff of HAARP ) over large geographical areas . More revealing material about this technology came from writings of Zbigniew Brzezinski ( former National Security Advisor to U.S. President Carter ) and JF MacDonald ( science advisor to U.S. President Johnson and a professor of geophysics at UCLA ) as they wrote about use of power - beaming transmitters for geophysical and environmental warfare . The documents show how these effects can be caused , and the negative effects on human health and thinking. In 1966 , MacDonald was a member of the President's Science Advisory Committee and later a member of the President's Council on Environmental Quality . He has published articles on the use of environmental control technologies for military purposes . The most profound comment he made as a geophysicist was ,