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I need a really good rap for a group of guys that I need to empress? related questions

  • 1I need a really good rap for a group of guys that I need to empress?

    Ok , so I have a lot of guy friends who wanted empress with a rhyme very well . ( Or , in his case, a rap ) which can be good or bad , but can not be

  • 2Guys please help me!?

    boyfriend of a friend is trying to catch up with one of his friends . We have seen a couple of times , and we went to the disco last night with some friends . we got to talking , nothing major just small talk was really lovely , but do not know if we get along or not. hes rather shy and really discouraged us talking to each other , because their peers are always around, and trying to

  • 3What are you guys doing on the 1st day of judgement?

    So is May 21 and I think we are all dead in October , so what are you doing? I guess I survived the earthquake of land world wide and missed the rapture , but what about Harold Camping Where is he now? Got kidnapped or he stays with us ? Does anyone still believe that this could happen ?

  • 4Hey guys! Somebody know some chat adult?

    Hey guys! Somebody know some chat adult? 

  • 5What do you guys think of google ocean and the creator of it?

    How useful for finding places to surf ? What can the topography oceanfloor used ? could this be a breakthrough in the search for Hiden surf spots ? Who created it ?

  • 6Guys help me wid this project?this is the topic with the sub topics ..?

    Topic. Earthquakes • Introduction to earthquakes • Naturally occurring earthquakes in India • The frequency and impact of earthquakes • Preparing people for earthquakes • Mitigation • Major earthquakes in India (Case Study )

  • 7What stance do you guys take with God, religion, and heaven?

    I'm a little confused about every god , god , gods , God , etc posture. I'm not sure which religion is right or if it is suitable for people who believe that religion is and one is right for those who believe in him . Please express that religion and beliefs and what I think is right about religion , heaven , and then God .

  • 8The guys who watch monitors in England measuring Earth Quakes?

    What are you doing the rest of the time ? 15 seconds on TV every 30 years ? I could do that .

  • 9Tell me please what is group travel?

    Tell me please what is group travel?

  • 10Can you name this song and the group ?

    She was a fast machine She kept her motor clean It was the best damn woman I had ever seen His eyes were blind I said no lie Me Knockin ' thighs with American Taking more than her share If I fight for air She told me to come but I was already there Because the walls start shaking The earth trembled My mind was aching And we were makin and you -

  • 11Cabot Consulting Group

    p { direction: ltr; text-align: left; } What are the best practices of a consultant group?  

  • 12Music Trivia (4) Can you name this song / group ?

    Because the walls start shaking The earth trembled My mind was aching And you were doing and -