Earth Questions

What do we call the instrument which detects the earth quakes.? related questions

  • 1What do we call the instrument which detects the earth quakes.?

    What do you call the instrument that detects earthquakes . ?

  • 2What detects earthquakes in Japan?

    What detects earthquakes in Japan ?

  • 3Can you sue for being on hold during a 911 call?

    If it was something serious and that the police took too long to get there because I was on hold ? Or if you could not wait ? Could I sue because you ignored in an emergency situation ?

  • 4Would you call this a poem? And what do you think of it? Do you think its good?

    His blood is heavy with virtue As the sickle is at your back Scrape and tearing his flesh Infectious diseases are now putting in His dying screams are like injections of adrenaline Cold, spasms and erection private I inject a poison that I prepared to perfection I bite into his neck The blood spilled in my mouth, down my throat A taste like no other This is my obsession The depth of his blood almost as strong as his cry from She begs to stop But this is what I need The shadows What is left infesting your beauty They bring me delight I cut my hand Shadows running inside my wound Red blood turns black and sand all the time is Thunder is shaking I can hear God's wrath The sands of time drain This makes the earth quake His pulse and starts to levitate off Oh , father What have I done ? Surely you are not going to punish me for getting the sweet taste on my tongue His eyes were wide and hisses like a snake My fate is sealed ...

  • 5Call of Duty: Black Ops III

    Hello, I've played about 9 hours so far and have only had a few crashes to the desktop after the game ends and 1 server disconnect. I don't expect much in the first week of release so I'm not complaining. I find the matchmaking works much better with all the current players online. I seem to be pinging in the 40s in most games and haven't seen many high pingers, causing the excessive lag compensation to kick in. I didn't find the right solution from the internet.  References:  Medical Device Marketing 

  • 6Conference Call Services

    What is a conference call?

  • 7What is the difference between low magnitude earth quakes and high magnitude earth quakes?

    i neeed to know for Earth Science 11

  • 8Is anyone able to call verizon cell phone users?

    There was an earthquake in Virginia a half hour and I can not get to my girlfriend or your mom . were in New Jersey and felt .

  • 9What do you call seismic/tectonic activity on other planets?

  • 10What are groups you can call in the event of a natural disaster?

    I'm looking for groups that can be called in the event of a natural disaster such as an earthquake , a tsunami or a hurricane or something. I'm looking for in New Zealand , so things like the Earthquake Commission could be useful.

  • 11Whats happening to this place we call HOME?

    Natural diasters after another ... the tornado that devastated Myanmar ( do not know if I wrote that right ..) and now the earthquake that left hundreds of thousands homeless .. what is our world ? one by one the people are dying like this .. What can we do to stop this? Is this a sign that our world is coming to an end .. ?

  • 12What do you call it when the water of ocean rises, and then goes down? [talking about tide]?

    I'm talking about the ocean tide . The dictionary says that the tide is the periodic variation [ up and down ] , but I wonder if there are two different words for water movement in each direction ? thanks