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QWhat do we call the instrument which detects the earth quakes.?

What do you call the instrument that detects earthquakes . ?

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#1vannesaAnswered at 2013-04-07 23:32:33
Earth quakes are technically Referred to as SEISMIC activity , so to record That activity , you need a Seismograph . If you wish you can call them Detectors Earth Quake , but only if you really wanted to!
#2liannaAnswered at 2013-05-10 09:09:28
#3MonieAnswered at 2013-05-20 07:38:50
#4NatsukuAnswered at 2013-05-31 18:59:48
A seismometer is the part of instrument which actually senses the earthquake and the movement detected by the seismometer is measured and recorded using a seismograph. A seismogram is the record, which is used to calculate the amplitude of the wave motion and the difference in travel time between the P and S waves which gives the distance to the source.
#5kylaAnswered at 2013-08-11 12:28:22
seis - shake
meter - measure

A seismograph plots the results of seismometer measurements.
#6VivianneAnswered at 2013-09-24 05:49:32
#7CalieAnswered at 2013-11-25 22:48:55
is it a rector scale!!!
#8JefAnswered at 2013-12-10 23:08:29
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What do we call the instrument which detects the earth quakes.?

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