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QWas the earthquake today (4/18/08) a sign that a bigger one is coming?

Today was arruptedly waking at 4:38 am. Then I felt my bed rocking and shaking my blinds I heard a rattle , it was ironic because yesterday aout earthquakes were learning in school and watched a movie . I was in shock and sat on my bed like an idiot thinking what to do lol , did not even occur to me that I should be going under my desk or something! At first I thought it was shaking , but I was not cold as i expected ! then when finished I was afraid not gunna be a replica , I went to sleep and when I woke up I had convinced myself I was imagining it until everyone was talking about it. lol but its exciting survived my first earth quake ! But does this mean that it will be a severe earthquake coming ? I know almost nothing about the earthquake , but the earthquake means that the plates are active or something? lol idk

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#1jaidenAnswered at 2012-12-25 00:31:37
I felt ! It was pretty scary and it was my first earthquake . Seriously , I do not think it will be another earthquake , as it ( the epicenter is located in Mount Carmel , Illinois ) did not touch the New Madrid fault , probably not going to happen . and be careful for the next couple of days we could feel some aftershocks . I felt yesterday. Hope that helps !
#2TeekayAnswered at 2013-01-13 23:17:13
I do not know , small earthquakes happen all the time , even those that nobody can feel .. Where do you live ?
#3gadAnswered at 2013-02-02 16:57:32
well, it was only 5.2 .... not so bad . and tremor was not too bad either. But it is close to the New Madrid fault , so I think there might be a small chance that you could set out . but the New Madrid fault is due at any time .... with or without which had today. I'm sure you know about the new madrid because you live in the Midwest , however . ... I live in st . louis so if the New Madrid fault goes , we're screwed .
#4WUANELLAnswered at 2013-03-07 22:46:05
You can !
#5MonquieAnswered at 2013-03-11 11:30:46
The plates are always moving . As a matter of fact, there are mini - earthquakes that happen all the time we can not even feel . I'm not sure where you live , but Southern California allegedly due to a pretty bad earthquake . He who has not necesarily sense could mean bigger one coming , but it looks like a big felt from his bed trembling all over . If it was serious enough, there may be a few aftershocks .
#6RoniaAnswered at 2013-03-21 22:28:17
It is possibe . One of the strongest earthquakes ever occurred (mag 8.0) occurred in Missouri in the early 1800s
#7ComputerPalAnswered at 2013-04-11 10:46:23
Earthquakes more and more people going to happen soon . God comes and these are signs . I hope that everything is ready when you arrive !
#8marykAnswered at 2013-04-16 18:14:57
I totally that this is not an answer, but my class watched a movie on Earthquake yesterday too! XD Lol , we were like
#9TracAnswered at 2013-05-15 05:58:53
#10 단수명사 Answered at 2013-09-01 10:59:22
Dear sir, I am not a qualified person in seismology. But out of my own interest I designed several safety instruments to save the people from different types of disasters. The earthquake alarm designed by me was not approved by any seismologist. But it has proved its capability on the day of Tsunami it gave the warning 2 hours before Tsunami struck our coast.My instrument sensed the earthquake wave on 26th Dec 2004 for 12 minutes.We are 2054 K/M away from the epicenter.Now I am closely watching the seismic activities. Nothing is practically predictable. On one occasion my instrument sensed the earthquake at about 1.30 pm.It was very mild.After about 6 hours a major earthquake struck about 1400 K/M away from our place. Some times major earthquake comes after small quakes in some other instances small earthquakes comes after major earthquakes. Therefore better be ready to tagle any situations.
#11aizlynAnswered at 2013-11-13 21:49:37
No it isn;t because the aftershock was smaller. If the aftershock is smaller then more aftershocks will be even smaller. The earthquake was a 5.2, the aftershock was 2.6. If there are more aftershocks it will be small. A giant earthquake won't come. It's possible for earthquakes that destroy in the West. Don't be scared there won't be a bigger earthquake. If there is sue me. (But you won't need to)
#12AnonymousAnswered at 2013-12-07 19:09:41
hey, whats up, im volybal4jca. i think i have the answer to your question. nothing proves that that earthquake was a warning to try to tell us that a bigger one is coming though it is posible. i think the madrid fault line is not very capable of having 7. - earthqaukes. so if another quake does happen, i dont think it will be very harmful and wont have that much effect.

ILY <3. bye
#13yUoAnswered at 2013-12-20 20:49:45
do you live near illinois? because at that exact time we had an earthquake. i havent slept since cuz i thought there was gunna be and aftershock
#14the manAnswered at 2014-01-07 08:38:28
They just never know. It's unpredictable.
#15invyAnswered at 2014-01-10 10:49:59
Um I have a feeling that it will come between 2008 and 2020. Scientest believe it will come somewhere around there. Well in California the scientest prediction will be 2008 and 2032.Hope this helped.
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Was the earthquake today (4/18/08) a sign that a bigger one is coming?

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