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Death by a ceiling fan? related questions

  • 1Death by a ceiling fan?

    I have a stupid fear of ceiling fan falls on me while I'm asleep . Does anyone know if there has ever been a report of someone getting hurt or killed by a fall on them in bed ? This is a serious question , I have to overcome fear

  • 2Ceiling Fan

    What type of motor is used in a ceiling fan?  

  • 3Where I can find more information about ceiling fan?

    Where I can find more information about ceiling fan?  

  • 4Ceiling Fan Remote Control

    Do ceiling fans get slow with age? 

  • 5Ceiling Fan Remote Control

    How do I stop my ceiling fan from humming?

  • 6Can you tell me please, more info about ceiling fan remote control?

    Can you tell me please, more info about ceiling fan remote control?  

  • 7Do ceiling fans move dust?

    Do ceiling fans move dust? 

  • 8Do ceiling fans move dust?

    designer fans online 

  • 9Would anyone like to send a message of support to Ceiling Cat of R&S who is in Canterbury?

    Christchurch New Zealand .... where a massive earthquake hit.I just can not communicate with him directly as all communications in the city have decreased. Please keep him, his beautiful wife and 4 month old baby in her thoughts .

  • 10Where can I find best in ceiling speakers for home theater?

    Where can I find best in ceiling speakers for home theater? 

  • 11How do i get rid of my scare about death?

    Every time I hear a story as bad as the tsunami earth quake, flight accident , car accident and so on , I'm afraid that would happen to me next time when I go by plane or car. I always fear death and think a lot about the incidents I read or see anywhere. please help .

  • 12How should I over come my father death?

    When I was young , grew up in Africa in the plains of my father and father family.My close was the head of the family was like a king what he said is what we did . My father always told me that one day he would be the head of the family . The idea of a day that I call the shots in the family made ​​me happy . My father 's brother was jealous of his power in the family , said the only reason he was the leader was due to its physical domain . One day my uncle took me to the valley and said that my father had a surprise for me , my uncle and I was waiting for my father . While waiting for my mind raced as I tried to figure out the surprise . Suddenly , the earth began to shake I look at the mountains and a stampede of wildebeests where the load for me . I ran , but I'm not fast enough then I see my father that jumps out at me and makes me safe, but in their attempt to climb back up the cliff that falls directly into the stampede . I see this horrible spectacle unfold before me , after the stampede to rush to his side and I was crying with him . I felt responsible for his death , then my uncle tells me that out of control and not go back because I was responsible for the death of the leader. I ran until I could not run anymore. Luckily , after I was out of control I find two men who took me in and taught me how to live without worry. Year have gone up by now then my old friend happened to travel this way she thought I was dead and then I talked about how the family as the suffering was and how my uncle is taking the family at the time of such chaos . How do I go back and help my family and become a great leader like my father or just continue to live as if nothing happened ?