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QHow many tsunamis are there each year worldwide?

Besides, how many people die each year of tsunamis ?

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#1If i have issues u have them 2! Answered at 2012-12-24 06:39:40
Tsunamis are waves caused by earthquakes under the sea , because of this definition that happen many times a year , but most are larger than normal waves as the earthquake that occurred is not very large , large tsunamis , which all the world thinks about you when you say ' tsunami ' are rare and occur less than once in 10 years , although these in 1 out of 10 events are not as great as the Sumatra tsunami .
#2FarrahAnswered at 2013-10-29 08:49:11
It is not a regular feature, it happens once in a blue moon.
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How many tsunamis are there each year worldwide?

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