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Is the Haiti incident, the starting sign for a bigger quakes going to 2012 disasters? related questions

  • 1Is the Haiti incident, the starting sign for a bigger quakes going to 2012 disasters?

    if so . What are our preparation apart from repentance and prayer ?

  • 2Chile earthquake . . Haiti . . is this another possible 2012 or apocalypse sign?

    As stated in the Bible if I'm correct Christians

  • 3Was the earthquake today (4/18/08) a sign that a bigger one is coming?

    Today was arruptedly waking at 4:38 am. Then I felt my bed rocking and shaking my blinds I heard a rattle , it was ironic because yesterday aout earthquakes were learning in school and watched a movie . I was in shock and sat on my bed like an idiot thinking what to do lol , did not even occur to me that I should be going under my desk or something! At first I thought it was shaking , but I was not cold as i expected ! then when finished I was afraid not gunna be a replica , I went to sleep and when I woke up I had convinced myself I was imagining it until everyone was talking about it. lol but its exciting survived my first earth quake ! But does this mean that it will be a severe earthquake coming ? I know almost nothing about the earthquake , but the earthquake means that the plates are active or something? lol idk

  • 4If a small earth quake occurs in Ontario should people be worried that a it sign of bigger earthquake to come?

    If an earthquake occurs in small town Ontario should be worried that it signed an earthquake of more to come ?

  • 5Does it seem like they are making a bigger deal out of the Haiti earthquake than they did the 2004 tsunami?

    I honestly do not remember the tsunami that happened in December 26, 2004 Getting this media coverage or the Red Cross asking this many donations as they have done with the earthquake in Haiti . The tsunami killed more people and caused more destruction .

  • 6I think more earth quakes and other disasters on earth are occuring and all this is building up to 2012?

    But like the dinosaurs , crocodiles and other reptiles adapted from Wright , as they were much larger then. For if a lot of humanity dies as how dinosaurs that ever happens , if something happens , of course . That would mean that humans are adapted to survive wright something different . Anyway im kind of confused , what are your thoughts ?

  • 72012 the end aliens??Floods,Hurriacanse,Ear… sign?

    I've been living here in Southern California fo r3 ago and never felt one like this .. that happend a month ago easter.It a lot of great damage to houses but here in Cali mexacli unaccustomed to large earthquakes mabybe which are 2.0 or less , but 3.9 or something like that. 2012 year end , the aliens come back? please tell me I have an end only 13 .. cover with some real facts .

  • 8Are all the recent earthquakes a sign the world will end in 2012?

    I was discussing this with a friend , how Hatti is beaten and then a couple of weeks later , an earthquake 800 times more hits Chile whole groups . What do you think ?

  • 9Can someone explain this incident that my son and i saw. serious answers only please?

    we put our refrigerator in the kitchen after our boat trip to download the next morning, while preparing for school the next morning , my son asked me to brush the back of her hair while I was in the kitchen , we gave to sink into the ground , suddenly the long handles on the refrigerator like crazy until then hung themselves and moved the refrigerator , I asked my son , Dad did you see that , he said yes he was looking directly at have not yet been able to explain how no one else was even close to us and the animals . any ideas?

  • 10Why do people care more about the haiti earth quake more than other recent disasters?

    Why people care more about the haiti earthquake ground than other recent disasters ?

  • 11Do you think the GREAT QUAKE in the Book of Revelation is starting in Antartica?

    ' Icequakes ' tide tremble Antarctica 17:36 June 4, 2008 - slow and cold - but very powerful. That's the earthquake shaking platform West Antarctic ice twice a day . The massive earthquake , which by some measures is the equivalent of 7 magnitude earthquakes are caused by movement of the ice in the difficult moments of the rock . In recent years, researchers have found that glaciers around the world seem to produce seismic waves that can appear to observers as large earthquakes . Waves generated in Antarctica can be collected as far away as Australia , but so far no one has been able to determine its cause . Fifth Trumpet ( Revelation 9:1) Fallen angels of Satan throws well to torment everyone except the Jews sealed. This passage is why I say foreigners are now on earth .

  • 12What will be the last sign that we will have to look for that is the last sign before the return of Jesus?

    When will we see the last sign is the last sign before the return of Jesus Christ to this earth , I thought I could come at any time and at any time , why do we have to see all these signs before it arrives , I'm so tired of await the return of Christ , I want answers to all the questions I have for him that I know he can only answer , my father watched the news and heard after a couple of weeks ago that there is war in Jerusalem could not believe the things we taught people fighting and violence and endless wars and feel the thousand years are almost done before Jesus Satan will be released , I do not understand why it has to be released , Satan will only to fight Jesus , Jesus would tell him I do not care who is right or wrong , I do not really want to fight anymore , someone can provide me more information ?