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How did boats fair that were several miles off the Japan coast? related questions

  • 1How did boats fair that were several miles off the Japan coast?

    When the tsunami hit Japan vessels were made ​​either at sea ? ? ?

  • 2What elevation does my house need to be safe from a large tsunami 2 miles inland from the US west coast?

    I live in the Pacific Northwest of the U.S. where eventually one of the largest earthquakes in the world is expected to happen . My house is two miles inland from the beach and I think the height is about 130 feet ( although I have to check that) . Hopefully likely be elevated high enough to escape instead of a massive tsunami ?

  • 3How many miles travel the 33 foot Tsunami in Japan?

    Where I live we are very prone to earthquakes to tsunamis , so I just want to have and estimate ! Thanks - Yes im PARANOID ! : D

  • 4The Japan tsunami: why did it move at more than 500 miles per hour?

    The terrible tsunami that hit Japan this year was caused by an earthquake , centered in the ocean . The earthquake caused the earth (at fault ) for up to about 40 meters , displacing billions of gallons of water . It was reported that the tsunami was moving at about 500 miles per hour - as fast as jet planes . The last part I do not understand . Why the tsunami moving at that speed incredibile speed ?

  • 5Japan Tsunami headed towards west coast?

    Since the tsunami and 8.9 earthquake hit Japan a few days ago , people have been saying that it's supposed to be traveling to the west coast . I live in Seattle and were long overdue for a big one , is it true that the earthquake moves along this path with the earthquake , or is it just all hype caused by mass panic ? And if it is true no longer be here ? Also what would be the global consequences of the three power plants in Japan nucleur going through a crisis?

  • 6If a earth quake like that what hit Japan hit the coast of france?

    I have made ​​the UK a coastline very prety much higher on the island only a few beaches

  • 7How / if will the devastating earthquake in Japan effect the Pacific coast in USA?

    The media is booming with the reports and say so - about the recent earthquake in Japan . I have family near the Pacific coast in California . - How / whether this effect is tsunami tragedy Pacific % water - which flows eastward For the inhabitants of Earth Geology , I wonder how / if it's shifting plates west of the San Andreas fault - line effect resulting tide ( Tsunami ) effect?

  • 8Do you think this is fair at all ?

    My stepmother is so bad . I have 26 years and just got my first job last year. Now my father cut me . I used to send a subsidy went towards rent . Now , because of my wicked stepmother He says I should use the money from my job to pay the rent. However, he gives money to my little brother and sister are twins and over 7 years . The other day I asked for some of their allowance money and I said no, because they were sending their money alowance to earth quake victims in Chile and Haiti . I need new shoes, I think it's more importnat of earth quake victims .

  • 9Is there any possible connection between the quake off the coast of Japan and the quake in Chile?

    I wonder if the earthquake off the coast of Japan yesterday could have caused this morning's earthquake in Chile . Or is it just an unfortunate coincidence ?

  • 10Whats a good science fair project?

    I am in sixth and I was thinking about how you can make yourbody move and sends it to your brain or something! But I really wanted something about an animal ! I have really wanted to do well and possibly win ! I want to do something exciting!

  • 11Can somebody give me ideas for an earth science fair project?

    While I'm in eighth grade and my science teacher seeks only earth science projects . Someone please give me ideas and help me! PLEASE! ~

  • 12Narrow boats

    How much does a Narrow boats home cost?