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QWhat is being done to stop tsunamis from destroying homes and people?

I'm trying to learn some things about tsunamis and I have a question bothers me . What is being done to stop Tsunmais to destroy people and homes there ?

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#1ANONIMOUSAnswered at 2013-05-23 04:38:58
As you certainly know, there is a system of tsunami warning that works pretty well: seismic recording triggers the alert that is diffused to all surrounding countries authorities.

The problem is that you can't really detect a tsunami before it has reached a shore and that is already too late. The train of waves that it produces are not affecting vessels on the way unless they are very close to the epicenter. If the energy releases is tremendous, the actual amplitude is now and the speed is very high.

Incidentally my son was in Pucket, Tailand, a few weeks ago, when they got a tsunami warning. But nothing reached that coast and I am very happy because I lost a friend, a few years ago, in the tsunami that killed many Scandinavian tourists in Thailand.

Incidentally, a tsunami has nothing to do with the weather. Perhaps you will get a better answer if you asked e.g. the geology section of Yahoo
#2Attalah:)Answered at 2013-07-01 19:39:52

EDITED: This is the second time in the past ten minutes that I answer a question only a few seconds after Paul in San Diego. His answers are excellent and it is only accidental that we both post to say ... about the same thing.
#3DustyAnswered at 2013-07-02 06:49:15
We can't stop tsunamis from occurring. And, there's really nothing that we can do to stop the oncoming flood of water. But, the best way to minimize the impacts of them is through education and warning.

In the Banda Aceh tsunami, many people were drawn toward the sea because the receding waters were so unusual. And, there were suddenly all kinds of treasures (shells, fish, etc.) exposed on the dry ocean floor. But, this was a sign that the tsunami was imminent. And, even the animals in the region knew that this was a bad thing and they sought out higher ground. A large earthquake in that region should also serve as a warning to people that a tsunami is possibly imminent. And, had people known this, the fact that there was an earthquake preceding the tsunami would have caused the people to seek higher ground until the danger of a tsunami were over.

But, many people were washed away because they simply didn't understand the physical factors that link earthquakes to tsunamis. And, they did not have an adequate warning system to alert their people to the danger. USGS scientists detected the earthquake that caused the tsunami hours before the tsunami hit land. And, they attempted to contact local meteorological and emergency offices throughout the affected area. But, they were unsuccessful and no official warning was given.

Besides, if the USGS people had been successful in reaching authorities in the affected areas, they didn't have an adequate public warning system (sirens or whatever) to warn the public of the impending disaster.
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What is being done to stop tsunamis from destroying homes and people?

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