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Which natural disasters are common in Mallorca? related questions

  • 1Which natural disasters are common in Mallorca?

    Clearly, this issue is not asking anyone to

  • 2What do earthquakes and volcanoes have in common?? And what dont they havein common??

    This is for a school project . Thank you for helping me!

  • 3What are some natural disasters?

    That would have occurred between August 30 to November 16 ?

  • 4Is it possible for any natural disasters to happen in the UK?

    Can natural disasters occurring in the UK as a tsunami earthquake ect ?

  • 5Out of all natural disasters, which one would you rather face?

    Lol I grew up in SF quake city known as Earth , to me those were almost nothing , but they were very frighting ! Compared to other natural disasters like the tsunami that scares the hell out of me ! lol No Thanks ! I prefer to stick with earthquakes . And please say why .

  • 6What is causing all the natural disasters right now?

    First Australia , then New Zealand and Japan now . I know it's an earthquake and a tsunami happening in Japan at the moment, but what is causing this?

  • 7Science Help!!? Natural Disasters?

    These are the natural disasters that ask q about: - Tornadoes - Hurricanes - Fire - Tsunamis - Flooding - earthquakes - Volcanoes - drought Questions : How does the (natural disaster ) alter the earth ? How are humans affected by the (natural disaster ) ? Please help ASAP!

  • 8More natural disasters happening NOW? Or is it just me?

    A little freaking out a bit because it seems that natural disasters are not more wayy happening now as the years pass , or is it just because I'm getting older and I'm really paying attention to what's going on ?

  • 9Are natural disasters the wrath of God, if not why does it say this?

  • 10Are we having more natural disasters than usual?

    I never read the news much until about 6 months ago , but it seems that something bad is happening every day somewhere. Like earthquakes in Arkansas - earthquakes do not happen really much there ( according to the newspaper , anyway) , but there have been over 700 in the last 6 months. Now Texas and Oklahoma are beginning to have earthquakes , as I said before the 6 months I have not read the news , so I do not know if all this is extremely unusual . Like the earthquake and tsunami in Japan - I know it's normal, and that is in the Pacific ring of fire , but usually are not as bad earthquakes ? So basically just answer the main question , and name few natural disasters that are worse than what happened in Japan , if you know of any, besides Pompeii.

  • 11Christians, why does your God cause natural disasters?

    This quote Bible clearly says that God causes natural disasters ... The Lord is a jealous God , full of anger and revenge . He takes revenge on all who oppose him and furiously destroys his enemies ! The Lord is slow to anger , but his power is great , and never lets the guilty go unpunished . He shows his power in the whirlwind and the storm . Puffy clouds are the dust of his feet . Under his command the oceans and rivers dry up , the lush pastures of Bashan and Carmel fade , and the green forests of Lebanon wither . In his presence the mountains quake and the hills melt, and the earth trembles , and its people are destroyed . Who can stand before his indignation ? Who can survive his burning anger ? His fury glows like fire , and the mountains crumble into dust in his presence . The Lord is good . When trouble comes, is a strong refuge . And he knows everyone who trusts him. But devastates its enemies in an overwhelming flood . He pursues his enemies in the dark of night . ( Nahum 1:2-8 NIV )

  • 12Why have there been so many natural disasters in the past few weeks?

    Are these facts purely random , or is there a reason behind them occur in a short period of time ?