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QCan the earth really crack open during an earthquake...?

I want to go to LA my mom want and have the money it says it does more than 80k or a little over a year she says she is fine and she is a real estate that worries me is I have no fear of earthquakes of the shaking I I have fear of what happens during or after the tsunami such as soil or open cracks causes this and what actually happens in the movies as the earth cracks open to who knows where , but the funny thing is even earthquake in japan i do not hear anyone talking about the earth opened and swallowed any number of people or in Haiti or Chile or 1994 earthquake north crest 'm confused

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#2MykeAnswered at 2013-02-13 22:28:16
No way! That's just something to show in the movies is not going to happen dnt concern
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Can the earth really crack open during an earthquake...?

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