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What Sci-fi video game turned into a movie would be an epic movie? related questions

  • 1What Sci-fi video game turned into a movie would be an epic movie?

    The Journeyman Project ---- Time travel , mystery, action and unpredictable , emotional ................ atmosphere reminds me a little Blade Runner meets Terminator . ---- Fallout would have to start from Wasteland and the destruction of the Earth . reminds me of LOTR with Starwars , apoptolyptic a dystopian future . ---- Gordon Freeman Half Life can be lonely . Full history and timeline is epic ! I would not know where to start . Deus Ex ---- Something like the Bourne series . impressive ---------- Quake with a total world reinvention of history , but the same .... It can be done ! Freaking can be great .... his pious . And finally , a remake of Doom and what is classified X with tons of pictures sick , gore , guts , organs from the inside out , mothers who give birth to 12 children and the explosion , ripping demons chest of victims and taking thier thier heart ..... ...... I'm talking about what is the way it should have been . Arggh ! As for other games ............. what the manager should do?

  • 2What is the name of that English movie? I saw that movie during a flight journey between 1996-2003. Details...?

    The story goes like this : A couple with a young child trapped underground for something like an earthquake . The couple believes the world has ended and they are the only survivors . Some . How are light and have enough food to survive for many years They give all the education of your child and the child becomes an adult . Suddenly , the earth that opens the way for them to leave. The son goes out and finds that the world is running normal, but with many changes they had never imagined . How to adapt to modern society and earn a living is the rest of the story . The son happen to meet a beautiful girl too. Also found that the images of characters that had saved baseball before the land sank can get a lot of money now . I liked that movie a lot. I want to see her again . But I do not know the name of that movie . please help me.

  • 3Does This sound like a good video game?

    I'm thinking of doing this when I get older History RP is basically a simulation. Was born and given a choice of boy / girl and then decide what it will look like the age of 0-1. After getting to know her mother and father. Then go home you get to design a bit like the Sims. Once you have finished exploring reach home to 3rd person view. If you decide to walk around the city or doing something outside You Get design were u go. Human things Unlike most games that are going to have bladder and things Fatigue Thirst Hunger Bowl and Health. Health is not merely cover the time until you die This means you can get diseases and can be lost when u unconscious or when injured. Fatigue covers the need for sleep and rest if you do not sleep regularly pass out and possibly die. Health and thirst is self do not drink you faint and die soon, same with hunger. Things bladder and bowl means you should poop, and peas regularly or suffer health risks such as injury or become diseases like constipation. Economy You get to design your region around the city with forests, agriculture or the mountains or even Sea These may play roles such as what things you can buy. Later in the game, if you decided Lumber would be city's main industry, then things would be cheaper wood same with mining and agriculture and fishing. NPC All NPC would be designed by you with a large wardrobe of costumes and body types and whatnot. They have personalities randomly generated so you can get a crazy good time and another person calm. Time Base From the moment you're born a clock starts counting the days that you are alive in the game. Every hour in our world would be a day in the game 24 hours would be 1 year in the game. Whenever your birthday is reached allows you to customize your character with a new costume and appearance of your character and other members of his people. Every 10 years, you can customize your city so it is older looking. coolest part To make things cooler You can choose from three styles of play. Fantasy and Modern Revelation. Fantasy is like Oblivion, Fallout 3 Apocalypse would be like modern would be like real life. This game and many people need to take a very long time, but it would be a very good game that many people enjoy. If you have any ideas please tell me under them and feel free to do this if you like on your own. I'd rather play then do it, but if no one does, then I'll try

  • 4What japanese dog movie is this?

    I can not remember the name . But remember there was an Akita and finally had a grandmother and a child inside about to sleep then this earthquake occurred . Then they were crushed . So the dog came and tried to help, but she could not ran and got a soldier and helped . And when they went in the helicopter that had to leave the dog and her puppies . Then the dog started chasing the helicopter . Can you tell me what movie is ? Thank you !

  • 5Movie suggestions for my mom?

    she likes the drama , disasters , hostage situations . Movies are liked unstoppable speed , and any other movie with a plane crash air , earth quake movies . Basically that debris. Help please!

  • 6Have you seen the movie 2012?

    I cried like a baby through out and so did my mom , do you like ?

  • 7Windows Movie Maker for Mac

    Can you give me more useful information about Windows Movie Maker for Mac?  

  • 8Your favorite movie quote(s)?

    What, who said , what movie . Mine: A conversation monologue / small between Patrick Bateman and Paul Allen in the film

  • 9What music should i put in the background of my movie?

    Ok , so I'm doing a geography project on tsunamis and earthquakes , and I'm turning it into a movie . I was wondering if anyone knew of a good song to put in the background ? I would put as running , and then a big bang at the end , but it ended up sounding like a bomb , so I changed my mind .

  • 10Windows Movie Maker for Mac

    Can you tell me please, more info about Windows Movie Maker?

  • 11Can you help me with a movie name, i did totlay forgot it.?

    I need help with a name of the movie , it is a village of the valley , after some prehistoric creatures awakening earthquake . They live underground and try to kill everyone in the city .

  • 12What movie had a tsunami in it with a boat going through it?

    It was a cheesy movie . I remember seeing a video of this