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If a small earth quake occurs in Ontario should people be worried that a it sign of bigger earthquake to come? related questions

  • 1If a small earth quake occurs in Ontario should people be worried that a it sign of bigger earthquake to come?

    If an earthquake occurs in small town Ontario should be worried that it signed an earthquake of more to come ?

  • 2Was the earthquake today (4/18/08) a sign that a bigger one is coming?

    Today was arruptedly waking at 4:38 am. Then I felt my bed rocking and shaking my blinds I heard a rattle , it was ironic because yesterday aout earthquakes were learning in school and watched a movie . I was in shock and sat on my bed like an idiot thinking what to do lol , did not even occur to me that I should be going under my desk or something! At first I thought it was shaking , but I was not cold as i expected ! then when finished I was afraid not gunna be a replica , I went to sleep and when I woke up I had convinced myself I was imagining it until everyone was talking about it. lol but its exciting survived my first earth quake ! But does this mean that it will be a severe earthquake coming ? I know almost nothing about the earthquake , but the earthquake means that the plates are active or something? lol idk

  • 3Is the Haiti incident, the starting sign for a bigger quakes going to 2012 disasters?

    if so . What are our preparation apart from repentance and prayer ?

  • 4Ontario earth quake anyone feel it?

    Anyone feel the earthquake in Richmond Hill , Ontario around 13:47, August 23/11

  • 5Did I just feel earth quake hit Mississauga, Ontario,Canada?

    I was at work writing away and felt my chair start rocking from side to side , very slightly . He had lunch yet and I thought he was weak . Then I heard my colleagues saying that they felt a rocking motion too. The window blinds were swaying too. So we know it was real. Does anyone else feel ?

  • 6How earth Quake occurs?

    this is funny , but my cousin said that earthquake occurs when the earth stops revoving a second in a particular place felt like the earth is shaking then asked when the earth stops spinning , then the effect should be on why balloon is placed in a particular place ? then started explaning , land is much higher and stops for a second and then there will be some short vibrations are only in some parts of the world . This theory explains my cousin was different from what I've heard . i just scratched his head and went on another topic. what do u think about his theory of Earth Quake . Do you agree with him ?

  • 7The point from which the earth quake occurs?

    The point from which the earthquake occurs ?

  • 8Was there a small earth quake in Victoria Asuatralia just then.. eg 1:35pm?

    Was there a small earthquake in Victoria Asuatralia then .. for example , 1:35 pm ?

  • 9Does earth quake occurs on moon. does has moving plates in its crest?

    Did the earthquake occurs on the moon . moving the plates is at its peak ?

  • 10Was there a small earth quake this morning around 10:00AM anny where in california?

    though I saw the mirror shake itself curious if anyone knows about it thanks [email protected]

  • 11Was there a very small earth quake in parts of North Carolina today?

    I work at a small animal clinic outside Winston Salem NC . I am a veterinary assistant . Me and one of the physicians were in an exam room with a patient , and talking with a client , and suddenly , the room shook and vibrated , and we thought we were hearing things at first. The doctor left the room to see if anyone fell or dog rammed the door or something, but none of the other coworkers felt everything shake , was limited in that only one exam room . The weather was a bit cloudy , so maybe the thunder that shook , but could have been a light rumor ? Perhaps only a part of the building that is sensitive. But I remember last summer about an earthquake shook the entire state and in Virginia to Texas. This movement we feel that spent a brief second. I have not seen anything on the news or Facebook messages from people who feel nothing .

  • 12What Modifications do people make after a Tsunami occurs?

    I'm doing a school project and I can not find the answer anywhere! So what do people Modifications to housing / streets / Tsunami transport for the future ?