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QWhat does an natural disaster like the Japanese Tsunami tell us about God?

Someone said that since the tsunami killed people good and bad alike, shows that God is powerless or good, evil , or imaginary . What do you think ?

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#1Willy!Answered at 2012-12-26 11:07:21
Do not believe the tsunami and its victims at random shows something about God .
#2PaigeAnswered at 2012-12-27 23:06:54
You are all stupid . Is Mother Nature . It is also human nature for people to die . Although not die of a tsunami , good and bad people have died in other ways .
#3maddi please help asapAnswered at 2013-01-02 05:39:37
It tells us nothing about God . He tells us all about plate tectonics and planets really work . God is a belief system that is drilled into the minds of the young , primarily using fear to begin with. That says it all about religion and those who defend it .
#4TatiyannaAnswered at 2013-01-04 10:39:30
God is either impotent , evil or imaginary . The three .
#5saiyedaAnswered at 2013-01-09 04:38:16
Shinto Japanese ! A pagan religion that had false gods in them! Japan has only 2% of Christians ! I guess God punished for being Japanese Shinto and Buddhist ! With love in God and in Jesus !
#6goldfinchAnswered at 2013-01-25 15:16:07
He does not exist /
#7MousaAnswered at 2013-02-10 22:06:56
Like the Asian tsunami in 2004 that killed 230,000, what happened in Haiti , Australia and Japan are wakeup calls for humanity . We live in a world that is quick to recognize the law of cause and effect when applied to physical things , but difficult to understand how the violation of the moral order of the universe has profound consequences . Like the law of gravity is fixed and can not be able to break (we can only break against it ) , there are absolute moral principles . When we try to break those principles , we are sinking deeper and deeper into calamity. For every soul in search of meaning, the scriptures give a clear explanation . For example, it says that we reap what we sow . We are already seeing this happen as we get closer and closer to the end . All that has been sown , whether good or bad is about to be harvested . The only remedy for the condition we are in now is to return to God because He is merciful and yet forgive us and cleanse us before it's too late . The message is clear and simple. Time is running out ! The creation and must not tolerate corruption and perversion that humanity has built himself . What we ask is that if each of us is really ready for eternity . Yesterday was Haiti and Australia , today 's Japan . Who knows if tomorrow you and I ? Now is the time to wake up , turn to God and receive the redemption .
#8Davonna and DeweyAnswered at 2013-02-28 11:00:16
each act disastrous , good prevails in the end, this is a town that is bombed in 1945 , had no natural resources , and had his back and became a great power in 40-50 years . and will do so again
#9jamika kellerAnswered at 2013-09-26 14:50:00
It proves that if there is a god and such would allow this to happen said god does not intervene in such things. If this god is neutral it is not worthy of worship and it would seem worship would be of no consequence.
#10homework help!!Answered at 2014-01-05 23:09:43
That people blame this tsunami on God is shocking me. Natural disasters are natural disasters. Or perhaps the earth is churning and writhing because it does not like what is happen on it in various locations. So the disaster outcrops in Japan. But blaming God for it just does not make sense.
Another thing that does not make sense to me is building a nuclear reactor near a fault line. The engineers totally overlooked the fact that those nuclear reactors were being placed nearr a fault line. Not good.
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What does an natural disaster like the Japanese Tsunami tell us about God?

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