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QHow is the ocean water in Cabo San Lucas Mexico?

I stand there in late July at the Riu Santa Fe and I wonder if I'll be able to swim . I heard he has a great virtue towing and has been a lot of accidents on the water 's

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#1CatieAnswered at 2012-12-28 22:02:13
Lex and CaboChic are pretty good with their answers . Any beach in North Cape Todas Santos can be very dangerous because of strong undertows , deserted beaches , no lifeguards , etc ...
Beaches on the sea side ( Cortez ) are generally safer .... I see all the time surfers halfway to San Jose .... Bahia Santa Maria is a great place for swimming and snorkeling .....
#2KattiAnswered at 2013-01-07 09:38:10
Just back . not swim in front of noise . but take a water taxi for beach lovers , in front of Santa Fe , for $ 10 . to walk along the beach to the marina , there are bathing . the water is cold . ( That was the end of March) I said one person drowned last week. so be careful of the undertow .
#3julyAnswered at 2013-03-22 21:36:50
Some beaches have red flags everywhere saying to stay out of the water , but a 5 minute drive water is perfectly safe . It depends exactly where you are , so find where you are, go to your website, and you should be able to find more than I can say . The water is quite nice in places you can swim , a little cold , but not freezing! Hope this helps !
#4BluesKatoAnswered at 2013-04-04 20:48:23
the water is beautiful , but most of the beaches are unswimmable , they have surf there, but do not know what time of year it is, but when I was there a few weeks ago no one even tried to swim in it and just enjoyed the view
#5Jessika.Answered at 2013-04-30 03:09:02
I've been to Cabo twice ..
Bay had the best beaches of Santa Maria and Chileno City Beach both have light blue water and are very quiet
They also both have areas where you can dive with lots of fish Pretty Both beaches are fairly close to where your hotel ..
the beach that the hotel is in ( Medano Beach ) is difficult in places and calm in others .. as you walk towards the marina gets quieter .
#6AUX Answered at 2013-09-13 16:29:44
Hola. Cabo San Lucas is on the Pacific Ocean and for most times of the year it can be very volitile with strong undertows, roge waves, and rip tides. Nothing like the eastern side of Mexico (cancun) on the Carribean.

The beach in front of the Riu Sante Fe can be a little rough. You are better to go to Medano just down the way or over to lovers/divorce beach if you want to swim, snorkel. There are also prime snorkelling beaches a little farther out called Chileno and Santa Maria and there are many tours there.

I am a very strong swimmer and go swimming almost daily at the roughest beach in Cabo (called Costa Azul) and I have to admit I've been clobbered a couple of times. I can see how accidents have happened to those who may not realize it or are not strong swimmers.
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How is the ocean water in Cabo San Lucas Mexico?

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