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QAtheists do you know God introduces Himself by science?

God will never appear before us and says Hoplah am here .
God is made known through the creation of science , we can use to refect our Creator .
God created the sun , created the heavens and the earth created man from a drop of liquid , give us warm clothing and uses , and food from farms down water from the sky , from which we drink , and trees causeth to grow crops for us, and all kinds of fruit . It had limited night and day , the sun and the moon to be of service to us, and the stars are made subservient by His command. He just sea to be of service to eat fresh meat from thence , and bring decorations we use. Took to the hills of the mainland that quake not with us , and streams and roads that we can find a way.

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#1LorAnswered at 2012-12-12 20:42:43
Yeah Yeah Keep thinking that. His head is a wonderful place and should remain there .
#2Lady JAnswered at 2012-12-16 04:30:41
So why did you write a complete anti-scientific book and call it infallible .
#3Ellie BomarAnswered at 2013-01-09 22:52:02
So the reason Christians oppose bad science is because they want people to discover God ? Get Real , the church has been jailed and even killed scientists! Please seek pastoral help to stop making Christians look so silly ! Who knows that can help you discover the idea of a loving God and help you act like him !
#4Matrix School 1Answered at 2013-01-15 02:51:15
Can not you understand that atheists know they are not gods ? No, I know there is no such thing as your rant says without conviction ! I can not know that the lies are true children . Marduk created all I can say , as did the ancient Babylonians , Pan Ku did, as the Chinese once believed , Izanagi and Izanami made ​​as Shinto Japanese believe , etc , etc , and that will be as true as saying that the Hebrew God did !
#5JeannieAnswered at 2013-02-04 02:59:06
Too bad there is no way to distinguish which particular gods this is meant to prove. There are many people who claim to have created all this .
#6SaqutaAnswered at 2013-02-10 19:54:57
If that's the case , then we must discard all the writing and the use of science to better understand the world around us and the creator ( if such there be ) .
#7dyoll seyerAnswered at 2013-02-16 16:28:46
For if God is so powerful everywhere , why can not he say Hoplah , I'm here .
#8Ms BrownAnswered at 2013-03-22 21:51:04
Thank you. I needed a laugh .
#9JERMAINEAnswered at 2013-04-03 10:32:09
No, and neither are you .
#10spelling-grammerAnswered at 2013-04-18 19:24:31
that's the fsm , not the God of the Christians .
#11HiwotAnswered at 2013-04-28 10:38:47
Funny, I was under the impression that science in the modern sense began with Francis Bacon in the 16th century and that science evolved through the contributions of great men like Galileo , Newton , Darwin , Pasteur , Planck , Einstein , Bohr , Fisher and Mayr .

By the way , quoting without attribution is plagiarism , and I think would have a difficult time arguing that Jesus loves plagiarism.
#12EdnerAnswered at 2013-04-30 23:08:35
Now try to prove any of that unmitigated horsesh * t .
#13nadhaAnswered at 2013-05-14 09:20:05
Your god could not understand pi, so do not think that would be good at science either.
#14BobAnswered at 2013-06-29 01:29:31
You missed the bit about him creating smallpox, wasps, HIV, leeches, tapeworms, cancer, etc.
#15toddAnswered at 2013-07-15 01:58:42
"God will never appear before us and says: Hoplah, i am here."
-Cool. So guess I can reject all the religious stories where he does stuff like that.

"God created sun, created the heavens and the earth created man from a drop of fluid, give us warm clothing and uses, and food from farms sent down water from the sky, whence we drink, and for trees He causes crops to grow for us, and the all kinds of fruit. He had constrained the night and the day and the sun and the moon to be of service unto us, and the stars are made subservient by His command. He constrained the sea to be of service that we eat fresh meat from thence, and bring ornaments which we wear. He cast into the earth firm hills that it quake not with us, and streams and roads that we may find a way."
-So, pantheism is the way to go. Good to know.
#16HaileAnswered at 2013-07-20 01:19:43

It's poetry in motion -
He turned his tender eyes to me
As deep as any ocean
As sweet as any harmony
He blinded me with science
(blinded me, with science)
And failed me in biology... ~ ~
#17mathstudentAnswered at 2013-08-17 21:18:39
He constrained the sea? You actually say this? Right after a tsunami devastated Japan? You sir are a prize putz of the highest order. Hmm he also says that the earth doesnt quake, guess those recent ones must have just been made up by the media. I cant honestly believe that a person can accept this stuff as fact so I'm going to write it off as an April fools day joke, good one.
#18SibylAnswered at 2013-10-02 15:18:05
I dare you to prove it without using the bible.
#19John JonesAnswered at 2013-11-18 16:39:17
Hoplah, deities are imaginary :)
#20DanicaAnswered at 2013-11-29 22:58:15
"God will never appear before us and says: Hoplah, i am here"

Why not? Your bible is full of stories where he did just that. Why did he stop?

As for the rest, there's no evidence your claimed god exists, or ever created anything. So you claiming those's nothing but fallacious arguments from ignorance and incredulity. I suppose fallacious arguments are convincing to the ignorant and gullible...but not me.

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Atheists do you know God introduces Himself by science?

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