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What do you think the chances are for a Tsunami to hit australia eg sydney? related questions

  • 1What do you think the chances are for a Tsunami to hit australia eg sydney?

    Does anyone think there's anything to worry about, since all the news of the tsunami that really freakin me out

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  • 4If I am standing at the shore of the ocean in say Sydney, Australia and Brisbane, would I be at the same level

    If I'm standing on the edge of the ocean , say Sydney , Australia and Brisbane , I'll be on the same level above sea level? Does this also is the case that the comparison of the ocean shore in Sydney at the edge of the ocean to review London ? Basically what I'm asking is the sea level is consistent throughout the world ?

  • 5Will the Tsunami affect my flight from Vancouver to Sydney?

    I have a morning flight with Air Canada about 10 PM . Does anyone have an idea if the flight is delayed / canceled due to the threat of Tsunami in Sydney ? Thanks for anyone's opinion .

  • 6What are the chances of there being a tsunami in the uk?

    I just saw a program on the Discovery Channel about the tsunami in Thailand and mentioned that if this Vocano true in the Canary Islands fell , there would be a tsunami in the eastern parts of America . So now I'm thinking what could cause a tsunami that hit the UK ? Im scared of these things ( x

  • 7What do you think the chances are of a tsunami in California?

    I live on the coast , I mean like , 100 meters from the sea. and my biggest fear is that a tsunami .. What is the probability that a tsunami hit California? What do you think? or when was the last time the blow ?

  • 8What are the chances of another Tsunami-like disaster in Asia?

    I love to go to Sri Lanka for my vacation , but a tsunami thought still bothers me .

  • 9Chances of a Tsunami hitting the eastern U.S.?

    After the earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan on Friday , and the memory of the Indian Ocean tsunami of 2004 , like a lot of people living in Florida ( and much of the eastern U.S. ) I very curious about what would happen to Miami (especially Miami Beach and North Miami Beach ) if somehow an earthquake - tsunami triggered Atlantic came our way. How bad could be affected FL in general? Because it is surrounded by water on three sides , is gone forever , completely drowned by water ? And also , I can not seem to find out if there is a tsunami warning system here . Is there ? What are the chances of such a massive disaster that hit the eastern U.S. , Especially the southern states on the side of the Atlantic ? Is there a website out there or an organization with such a scenario imagined and planned? I appreciate the information . Thank you.

  • 10What are the Chances of a Tsunami hitting South Korea?

    I always thought it would be a great earthquake in the Sea of ​​Japan and Yellow Sea generate a tsunami , but I wondered there is always the possibility of a tsunami hits South Korea

  • 11Chances of earthquake and tsunami in Cape Town?

    With all this hype about earthquakes and tsunamis in the past few weeks , I guess many people have asked what are the chances of one of them affects ( or both ) of the areas we live I am one of them and probably occurred in browsers earth sciences and the geologic column until death . I understand that Africa is a very stable , but there is a fault line running through Cape Town and an earthquake is probably inevitable at some stage or other in the future. What worries me more is a tsunami. What are the odds that an obliteration Cape Town ?

  • 12Tsunami to hit Australia just announced!?

    I literally shiteing myslef after reading the first page of yahoo that a tsunami is due to hit Australia and not a mattr of when, but how big it will be. ! So you think I will get where I live in Sydney , Blacktown Penrith district m 2148.I ' about 1 hour and a half of any beach.So what do you think ?