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QWhere are some pretty and semi private places in Los Angeles?

I'm thinking of outdoor recreation , perhaps a kind of private beach or hiking area , just somewhere that was not too hot where you could just sit down and write . And I would not be crowded course . Any idea ?

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#1Jalisa jAnswered at 2013-01-30 01:16:17
Dale Fern Park on the eastern edge of Hollywood on a weekday . Search the Internet to view the map . The mornings are pleasant . there. UCLA Botanical Garden on the east side of campus . Search the Web for hours . Lunch time is a few people walking around . Otherwise quiet . Up the coast , north of Zuma before turning inward away from the ocean are a series of small curved beach . Check the time of low tide in summer . Several beaches in the area near Charmlee has paid parking is good . Charmlee Park is good and walk toward the light or settle out of the track / road rocks and low trees . Palisades Park in Santa Monica , or even be nice to people , you can always find a bank or bring a blanket and a pillow under the trees , but only one block north of California pending toooo many scholars . A couple of small spots on the north end of the room in Santa Monica , park and walk to find a place to look over the Santa Monica Canyon . The Getty Museum , free , except for parking, or take the bus , these lovely places , garden , cactus garden , fountain , places to look over the city at sunset , etc , etc. I have much more to suggest ... if interested email me . Places I used to go in Pasadena , etc. Blessings to you in your writing and your wanting a place of beauty and solitude . I also like the bustle , eco - and place of the train station in the city and sit in those chairs big and thinking of all the young people during the Second World War , he spent there on their way to war and when they returned . And the end of the docks , Venice , Redondo .. I think there are some moments of silence still there . Check online for the second .
#2toryAnswered at 2013-04-10 13:43:59
There are many trails in the mountains of Big Bear . Moreover, almost any beach away from the center point. For example , the west end of Bolsa Chica is empty , or Santa Monica about 1 /4 mile from the pier .
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Where are some pretty and semi private places in Los Angeles?

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