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QExplain how a smal asteroid could be capable of destroying all life on earth even though it smaller than earth?

Explain how a smal asteroid might be able to destroy all life on Earth , but smaller than Earth ?

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#1JEN_Answered at 2013-01-02 06:47:58
How a bullet might be able to kill her , although smaller than you?
#2JanderAnswered at 2013-03-07 03:25:21
When asteroid entering the Earth's atmosphere to fall to Earth ever higher speeds , while heating to temperatures very intense . When a big one hits the surface of the earth unleashes more energy than most of the warheads are capable of producing , creating a massive shockwave kicking up tons of dust and debris , incinerating everything in the immediate area ( several kilometers several hundred kilometers , depending on their size ) , the increase in seismic activity , and causing large waves ( tsunamis ) in the ocean . The debris cloud transfers out of the sun in the sky , killing plants and creating a false winter on the surface of the earth ( temperatures fall below freezing ) . The waves cause flooding and also kill crops , destroy cities , etc (think post - Katrina New Orleans ) . Seismic activity would cause earthquakes and volcanic eruptions and if the meteorite was large enough , it could open a crack in the earth's crust at the point of impact , leakage of magma to the surface , like a broken egg . Humans and other animals would freeze , start, develop illnesses , etc. Even with our technology , would not be able to maintain an electrical network , water pipes and useless - it would freeze on the ground . The food become scarce , with plants and vegetables almost impossible to find. Meteorites usually leave impact craters that are much , much larger than the meteorite itself . For example , the Sudbury crater in eastern Canada is more than 250 km in diameter , caused by a meteor that was only about 10 km wide. That should give you an idea of ​​the amount of energy that these impacts may occur . In short , the ground being beaten by a large asteroid really suck.
#3Neha-senAnswered at 2013-05-29 22:48:26
Because after impact it will block out the sun for long periods of time and life can't survive without the sun.
#4Mimi<3Answered at 2013-11-19 17:58:36
An Asteroid could do many things to the earth.

Depending on how big it was, it could create a dust cloud that covers the earth for a few years, creating an ice age because it's becomes so cold. Large parts of all Oceans would be frozen over. Mostly everyone and all animals would die from the extreme cold. Although I guess we could think up a way to clear up all the debris, or we could move underground or something.

The Asteroid's impact effect the axis or spin cycle of the earth cause all sorts of badness, like messed up seasons, longer nights and days, or being closer to the sun causing the planet to constantly grow hotter.

The Asteroid could have something on it, bacteria that the earth is not use to perhaps. Everyone dies from it, due to not having an immunities built to defend against the new infections.

It's all pandemic stuffs, but it will most likely not happen because of the way the earth is placed in our galaxy.

We have many "filtering" planets, and an asteroid belt, and a moon that will almost always pull anything big towards them before it gets anywhere near us. And anything small enough to fit though usually burns in our atmosphere before it's even reaches the surface of our planet.

Hoped this helped, good luck
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Explain how a smal asteroid could be capable of destroying all life on earth even though it smaller than earth?

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