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QYour thoughts one December 12, 2012?

Just curious about what some of you think about this. And what kind of problems do you think will follow if everything we are told that it is not. I think people will be second guessing things like media and religion .

P.S 'm having a big party on this date. Just going to ride dirt bikes and have lots of fun . With a group of friends .

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#1MiyaWAnswered at 2013-01-05 08:59:55
Why surely your day on 12 21 - the winter solstice , people had that covered thousands of years ago ( the winter solstice )
#2NikeaAnswered at 2013-01-14 06:35:33
It will be a normal day . Now December 21, 2012 , now that will be the end of the world .
#3aldrenAnswered at 2013-02-03 23:39:11
I would suggest that you move your party date to as now . Winter solstice - December 21, 2012 - is only the manifestation of the " antichrist " or " man of perdition " in the middle of what Christians call the 7 year Tribulation ( just subtract 1260 days to get the start and add 1260 days to get the end) . Satanists and many pagan cultures from every corner of the world throughout history have celebrated this like the Sumerians, Babylonians , Cherokee , Hopi , Chinese I- Ching (confirmed by Terence McKenna ) , Mayans ( Pacal Votan ; Chilam Balam of Tizimin Mani , Chumayel ; Jaguar Prophet ) , Egyptians , Celts , etc. This evil event is called
#4green_heartAnswered at 2013-02-20 12:15:10
woooo whooo end world but simply enjoy life and not think about it ( :
#5AsiaAnswered at 2013-03-05 21:11:50
This is my graduate . year, so hopefully everything will be normal like all other days are supposed to happen .
#6AgathaAnswered at 2013-04-01 01:25:06
#7isAnswered at 2013-05-26 19:58:29
End of the world/conspiracy theories are a load of crap. lots will happen on that date-maybe even something national. just not the world's end. thats stupid. things change too fast for you to predict something that far away. Hitler took over all of Europe in a couple years.
#8elebaAnswered at 2013-06-09 12:29:46
Where you around for the year 2000? The world was supposed to end then too.
Yeah I think people would snap out of some of their eccentricities and weird notions but then a few years later everyone will predict a new apocalypse.
However if I was Earth I would be mad and try to kill all of us, so lets see what happens!
#9ChoAnswered at 2013-06-10 11:08:05
It is the Galactic Alignment which happens every 26,000 years, and the last time this happened Cro-Magnon man started producing beautiful cave paintings, jewelery, and his weapons became more sophisticated and the art of making stone tools also became a thing of beauty... Here is some info on the Galactic Alignment :-…
I don't know why people continue to refer to Dec 21st 2012 as Doomsday.. It is the end of the Mayan Long Count Calender, the beginning of a new era, not the end of the world..It has been called "The Shift" or "The Great Change" we will evolve spiritually...
All the disasters which are happening throughout the world right now have been foretold, even in the Bible..
Crop-circles are a direct communication from the Light Beings, Interdimensional travellers who are here to help with our Ascension into the 5th dimension..They are not man-made as the government and the government run puppet media would have you believe..They are also mentioned in the Bible, Acts 2:19..
There is a new frequency being received right now by the earth and we are all being affected by it, many of us have a job to do and we are becoming aware of just who we really are..Many of us are Light Workers and we will have task of helping others understand what is happening...
The Church knows this is happening and they are calling it the 2nd coming among other things, just another con really, they know their time is up...
I will post a couple of sites for you, but I am more of a book man personally, and if you go to and punch in 2012 there are plenty of books there...Also punch in Mayan prophesies, and you will be amazed as to how many people have written books on the subject...
There should be enough diverse information in just these two web-sites to get your mind thinking in overdrive... If you want to know about some book titles, feel free to e-mail me..

Here are some interesting sites I have been looking at recently which explain why time has sped up... Yes it has and that is a FACT and I don't know why it is not common knowledge, why are the governments of the world keeping this a secret ???… (4 clicks to get out of this site)…

This site I just stumbled upon the other day...…
In Light... )O(
#10AlberAnswered at 2013-10-16 20:29:41
Good on ya! The "2012 doomsay" is one giant hoax, start to finish. Nothing unusual is going to happen.
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Your thoughts one December 12, 2012?

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