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How do you know how your house looked like 20 years ago? related questions

  • 1How do you know how your house looked like 20 years ago?

    Is there any way I could look up online that my house looked about 20 years ago? I do not mean the inside , like birdview outside the top. I just want to make sure my yard is as big as it was 20 years ago .

  • 2Did anyone elese notice how fake obama looked?

    to tour the sites worldwide earthquake had in 1000.00 He dresses more roll up their sleeves to the elbow to make it look as if he knew something about the job or will do the same trick some.he made ​​when running for office. I doubt he's ever broken a sweat in his life , except if the concern was to get caught with cocaine .

  • 3What happened to spring?I just looked outside and its snowing when we should be having more like tropic temps?

    Earthquakes , volcano , tsunami , floods ... ice melting , Bee is dying at an alarming rate , while other insects are multiplied by millions.The economic crisis , the oil crisis , etc.etc.What do you think of this? . Where is the rainbow and sunshine ?

  • 4The earth is billions of years old, yet Jesus came only 3000 years ago?


  • 5Age of the earth- 4.6 billion years or about 6000 years old?

    Age of the Earth -4.6 billion years old 6000 years ?

  • 6House of Wax

    Which hair removal technique is better, shaving or waxing? 

  • 7How is a house built?

    I had asked

  • 8Is my house Haunted?

    When ever we as a family about 5 people more strange things happen . Me and my brothers and my father were sitting on the couch . Suddenly , the holders of these two flowers with a mirror in the middle of the wall fell. The handles flower dropped simultaneously. The mirror was sitting on the wall . No body was even near both sides of the wall either. And my sister still see a face in the window. So it is with my mom and my aunt . They say it's my dead grandmother . So , do you think my house is haunted . And what should I do to try to capture some evidence .

  • 9Is my house haunted???

    ok so I'll admit that I watch a lot of horror movies , and maybe that scares me . But I still think that at night ic blur around my room. I go out into the hallway , which is absolutely pitch black at night , so they are easier to c . the thing is that I'm not afraid . except for one time wen i got up in the middle of the night to the bathroom I heard go2 sumthing wen there and thought it was my brother . but he was asleep and so was my mom . It's kind of sounded like someone was trying to open and close the shower door . I was so scared that I slept with my mom that night .

  • 10My house is vibrating?

    My house is vibrating . It is especially bad on the 2nd floor . My yard also has a very weak vibration on the floor too. It has been vibrating for a couple of hours now . It feels like a very weak earthquake but I live in southern Louisiana in the U.S. , where earthquakes are rare . Does anyone have any idea what this could be ? Who do I call to report the problem ? Thank you.

  • 11Rodents in house? Need help.

    Every homemaker wants the house to be free from any outside invaders such as rodents, but despite the fact, and the best efforts of cleaning and organizing the house properly still rodents explore their way in our every day to day lives. My grandma lives in CT. She was complaining about rodents in her house. She said she tried Trapping, Poison Pallets, Predators, Repelling Devices. But the rodents were back again. She was asking for a pest control company that will resolve her problems. Someone near by them had told to call [Rodent Control Fairfield County CT]( professionals for their help. 

  • 12My project is glass house, please help me.?

    My project is the glass house , please help me . ?