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QHow do you know how your house looked like 20 years ago?

Is there any way I could look up online that my house looked about 20 years ago? I do not mean the inside , like birdview outside the top. I just want to make sure my yard is as big as it was 20 years ago .

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#11timeAnswered at 2013-07-20 02:58:16
an example, yes.

as big, that can be checked scientifically; you hire a surveyor.
#2AfraAnswered at 2013-09-18 07:38:18
Most county records include a copy of the survey, some of them as far back as 30 or 40 years. If they do not have it on record, ask for the legal description which will include the lot boundaries, and if that is not there, then spend some money on a surveyor
#3BinhAnswered at 2013-11-04 09:09:02
Ah man, has your mower been broken that long? Usually, land will not shrink, blow away or move on its own within twenty years, however if you had an earth quake, mud slide or if a river runs through it, you could be missing what used to be there, but the size is still there, it's just that it may be shaped differently, like a cliff or a hole, but good news, you still own it! Unless you can go to the U.S. Defense Mapping Agency your property may not have been accomplished by today's technology, most county (or parish) records did not include ariel photos, I doubt you can get that on line. I don't know about your computer, but I can walk 100 feet before mine boots up to get on line, much less get to some site, so it's quicker to walk back there and see if it is still there, use Deep Woods Off, its the best. I assure you, your lot is the same size it was when it was paltted however, due to the movement of the earth over time a map and survey lines will be slightly off, so in twenty years it may have moved a quarter of an inch, but the area contained within your boundry lines has not changed. I hope you have been reassured and that you will sleep tonight, your back yard is still there as it was. You might consider a lawn maintenance company and avoid these kinds of worries. Hope you enjoyed it all, Good Luck.
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How do you know how your house looked like 20 years ago?

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