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QUniversal Studios - Orlando, Florida Question (please answer!)?

Universal Studios is for young children , as the ages of 9 and low or no roller coasters ( like the hull ) or Hulk is the only ride at Universal Studios in California ? Oh, and is the Universal Studios in Florida and California have the rides different or exactly the same or one is larger / smaller than the other?

And if you can , can you tell me how many roller coasters , no baby rides there at Universal Studios in Florida ( a list of the names of the roller coaster would help ! )

Thank you ! : D

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#1RaeAnswered at 2013-06-12 19:59:56
I think the fam would all enjoy being at Universal...because there are roller coasters but they have a couple of 3-D rides also. So they have something for everybody. And may I suggest for the 13, 15, 18 yr old the Twister Simulation...really fun.
#2S. HugginsAnswered at 2013-07-22 03:39:52
i'd say islands of adventure is best.
it has rides for all ages there, like the hulk, and spiderman, dueling dragons, dr seuss, and much more.
or you could buy a day pass and go to islands of adventure and universal studios.
#3lizbethAnswered at 2013-09-24 10:19:45
No Universal isn't too scary for your family. The Hulk is not IN Universal, it is in Islands of Adventure - which is another Universal park, but they're 2 seperate parks.

Universal is fun! The kids will love the Men In Black ride where you sit in this vehicle and you go around and shoot aliens and gain points. The new simpsons ride is also fun....everything at Universald is fun - the only thing the kids may not like is The Mummy. Its a coaster ride in the dark BUT not a typical coaster, doesn't go up high and straight down, doesn't go upside down, its just a cart, it goes fast, but nothing real scary. Everything at Universal Orlando is good for kids...Jaws is good, Twister is a standing event where you watch a scene play out from the movie right infront of you (its really cool!) ET is a great kid ride and fun for adults....Universal will be fun for everyone
#4Tang Love Ya Answered at 2013-10-09 06:08:44
Oh no, Universal Orlando would be perfect for your family. It isn't really a young child park, it is much better suited for the ages you listed. The major rides are at the Islands of Adventures heres the site:…

Universal has the new Simpons ride which replaced back to the future and it's fun as well, heres the site to Universal Studios:…

I've never been to Cedar point but I would imagine that it's better. I do know of cedar point I just haven't been personally. I'm a native Floridian so I've been to all Orlando Theme-parks! Go to the sites I provided you they will show you all of the rides and activities they have. Good luck, and Have fun!
#5MaryluAnswered at 2013-12-08 04:59:15
well i'm not sure about the size of the parks in orlando vs. california.
and i'm sure they have some of the same rides and some different ones.

now you are just saying universal studios but i assume you mean universal studios and universal islands of adventure. they are two separate parks that are right next to each other and hooked together by a common area called universal city walk which has shops and restaurants.

universal studios park has rides like:
-shrek 4d
-earth quake
-men in black
-revenge of the mummy (which is the only rollercoaster in universal studios park)

now don't you dare thnk that the park it for super young kids cuz believe me its not.
i'm 22 and even though i know its not real the rides still freak me out.
-on jaws if it sit on the left side of the boat where he comes out of the water right in front of you and looks like he's gonna get you i still let out a little scream.
-twister you are getting to feel what it would be like to come face to face with a tornadoe and my heart beats a bit faster even though i know nothing going to happen to me.
-earth quake when the water starts coming towards the sub way train and the street above calapses and a tanker truck explodes in front of you believe me you'll be afraid.
-and the mummy rollercoaster is probably the scariest ride out there when it comes to special effects.
fire actual fire litterally comes down from the ceiling and you can feel the major heat it is soo hot that you start to sweat.
then the mummy's curse seems quite real as this scarey a** demond tells you you are doomed. its a very wild ride.
-true some of the other rides aren't as intense but they are still alot of fun.
-and don't forget to see the beatle juice, beatle juice, beatle juice, there i said it 3 times show.
and the animal's trick show.
and visit the i love lucy building.

now universal island of adventure has thrill rides and childrens rides but not as many thrill rides as you'd think.
and yes the hulk is there.
here is a complete list of the coasters and thrill rides:
the incrediable hulk
the amazing adventures of spider man
doctor doom's fearfall
dudley do right's ripsaw falls
poppeye and bluto's bilge rat barges
jurassic parks river adventure
dueling dragons
the rest are childrens rides, shows and walk through attractions.

i would suggest that you go to both parks.
you can go for $95 per person and you get:
up to 7 days straight where you can go to both parks and you get 1 admission to wet n wild (universal's water park)
visit the universal orlando website to look at the ticket options and learn all about universal studios, islands of adventure, wet n wild, city walk, and the universal hotels.…

PS as far as it being like cedar point as much as i love universal orlando it doesn't compare to cedar points rollecoasters especially cedar points top thrill dragster if you remember it goes from 0-120 in 4 seconds and goes straight up 420 feet and back down the other side.
for rollercoasters and thrill rides no one can beat cedar point with 17 rollercoasters and plenty of other thrill rides too.
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