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QHow the internet work?describe the features of internet.?

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#1akashAnswered at 2013-01-30 01:56:46
Come back in about 5 years , it will take me so long to write it all down .
#2JalisaAnswered at 2013-03-12 16:45:14
which is a series of tubes
#3Lauren needs help!!!!!Answered at 2013-03-14 14:47:33
It is a network of networks.
This reduces the problem to a known value , net. It runs on top of TCP / IP. It was formerly known as ARPANET , a Defense Department project called DARPA . It was built to survive a nuclear war and connected government , military and acedemic institutions . He was a rival of Bitnet and FidoNet .
#4EloiseAnswered at 2013-03-16 13:10:54
The Internet is a global network of interconnected computers , enabling users to share information across multiple channels . Typically, a computer that connects to the Internet can access information from a wide range of available servers and other computers by moving information from them to the local memory of the computer . The same connection that allows your computer to send information to servers on the network , information is in turn accessed and potentially modified by a variety of other interconnected computers . Most of the information available on the Internet consists interlinked hypertext documents and other resources on the World Wide Web ( WWW ) . Computer users typically manage sent and received information with web browsers ; . Software interface for users with computer networks includes specialized programs for electronic mail , online chat , file transfer and file sharing ============ ============
#5gerardoAnswered at 2013-07-28 08:59:12
Internet is the inter connected collection of independent computers
it is a tele communication and data transfer system that allows a
number of independent computers to communicate over a variety of media.
a computer network can be defined as a grouping or interconnection of
different computers on a single platform for information exchange among
the various nods. a network makes it possible to share peripheral files,
programs and computer capabilities. in a communication network two or
more processors or computers are linked together for communicating
data and sharing resources.
Internet were planted in 1969, when the advanced research project
agencies(ARPA) of u.s department of defense connecting computers at
different universities and different contracts, the resulting networking
was called ARPANET the primary goal of this network was protecting the
data aginest earth quake or a nuclear attack by connecting the computers
using telephone lines. another goal is to share the data at different
locations. the network jumped across the Atlantic to Europe in 1973
in the mid-1980's,another agency NSF(National Science Foundation)
rearrange the network. NSF establish 5 super computing centers that
were available to anyone who want to use them for academic research
The ARPANET was shutdown in 1990 by the early 1990's the INTERNET
began to expand dramatically.

Internet uses some set of rules and procedures known as protocols, to
control timing and data transfer format between the computers. the
protocol used by the internet called Transmission Control Protocol/
Internet Protocol. the TCP/IP protocol include the specifications that
identify individual computers and that exchange data between computers.
They also include rules for several categories of application programs,
so programs that run on different kinds of computers can take to one
Rooting and Addressing schemes are included in TCP/IP. for
addressing we can use the IP Address and DNS address. every computer
on the internet has a 4-path numeric address called IP address(Internet
Protocol Address) which identify the location of the computer.

Some Features of internet

1) www(World Wide Web)
The www was created in 1989 at the europen practical physics laboratory
in geniva as a method for incorporating various foot notes,figures and
reference into online hyper text document created bt HTML(Hyper Text
Markup Language) so we can use the hyper text links, which are the
foundation of world wide web.

2) E-mail
Electronic mail is a program to create, send and recive e-mail message
by using the internet facility. most e-mail program allow user to attach
data files and program files to message.

3) News
The internet supports a form of public bulletin board called news,
there were more than 45000 news groups each divided to discussion of a
particular topic.

4) FTP (File Transfer Protocol)
FTP is the internet tool used to copy files from one computer to
another computer. ftp sites are housed on a ftp server containing
thousands of individual programs and files.

5) IRC (Inernet Relay Chat)
IRC is the popular way of internet users to communicate in real time
with other users. real time communication means communicating with other
users in the immediate present.IRC is a multi user system,were user can
join channels to talk publicly or privatly.

6) IM (Instant Message)
IM is the way of internet users to communicate in real time with other
users. main difference between IRC and IM is, IM is limited to use for the
restricted users.

7) Online services
Online services is a feature of inernet that offers Access generally
on a subscription basis to e-mail,discussion groups,database on various
subjects such as weather,stock,news paper,articles..etc.
eg: e-commerce.e-banking

8) Peer to Peer services
Peer to Peer services are distributed networks(individual computers
which may be miles apart that are connected by a network).in this
service web server manage the file.

These are some common features of internet, i am not capable to type the
whole thinks i know, it may take a year. i think this is enough to you!
#6gdlolaAnswered at 2013-11-30 23:28:25
wtf is a bba exam?
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How the internet work?describe the features of internet.?

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