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Was there a small earth quake in Victoria Asuatralia just then.. eg 1:35pm? related questions

  • 1Was there a small earth quake in Victoria Asuatralia just then.. eg 1:35pm?

    Was there a small earthquake in Victoria Asuatralia then .. for example , 1:35 pm ?

  • 2Was there a very small earth quake in parts of North Carolina today?

    I work at a small animal clinic outside Winston Salem NC . I am a veterinary assistant . Me and one of the physicians were in an exam room with a patient , and talking with a client , and suddenly , the room shook and vibrated , and we thought we were hearing things at first. The doctor left the room to see if anyone fell or dog rammed the door or something, but none of the other coworkers felt everything shake , was limited in that only one exam room . The weather was a bit cloudy , so maybe the thunder that shook , but could have been a light rumor ? Perhaps only a part of the building that is sensitive. But I remember last summer about an earthquake shook the entire state and in Virginia to Texas. This movement we feel that spent a brief second. I have not seen anything on the news or Facebook messages from people who feel nothing .

  • 3Was there a small earth quake this morning around 10:00AM anny where in california?

    though I saw the mirror shake itself curious if anyone knows about it thanks [email protected]

  • 4If a small earth quake occurs in Ontario should people be worried that a it sign of bigger earthquake to come?

    If an earthquake occurs in small town Ontario should be worried that it signed an earthquake of more to come ?

  • 5Could a small earthquake hit us?

    This happened a couple of weeks ago . About 3 weeks or less . It was the weekend and I was sleeping on a Saturday . I woke up a little, but when back to bed for a couple of minutes. I begin to hear these sounds rattling in my window , but ignore them. Seconds later , I feel bad when my milkshake. As if proned with something and fell an inch . I had a awakened . Could I have a bit of a magnitude very little land ?

  • 6What was this small animal in the ocean?

    Well , I was on the beach in Santa Barbara , California , and I was walking in the shallow water on sand . Every time the tide washed back into the ocean leading to these little creatures with him again . I was able to catch a few and they had what looked like shells , and in the lower abdomen that had hermit crab like legs and was a small orange . It would burrow down into the sand the second was placed down, and also had eyes that looked like a snail. Any idea what this animal was ? ? ?

  • 7How can I clean my small office once in a while?

    How can I clean my small office once in a while?

  • 8So far 3 small earthquakes accured? what does this mean?

    While last Wednesday felt a 3.0 earthquake .. two of them .. and today .. a .. a bit not many felt .. What does this mean .. a sign of a great? im scared .. lol

  • 9Are small earthquakes signs for big earthquake?

    In my country there was a 4.6 magnitude quake at 12:25 last night . And tonight at about the same time (12:25) was another earthquake about 4 magnitude.So wondering are small earthquakes followed by a larger one ? And ofc , theese earthquakes , signals were sent doomsday , right? ! : D

  • 10Small deeds and wrong-doings???

    are harmless or part of an eternal battle of good and evil , we do somehow influence the outcome of a higher power cosmic ? Basically are more significant than we give them credit? ? ?

  • 11What keeps the tide and the sea from swallowing up small islands?

    I'm watching a PBS special on the effects of global warming and the rising tide and the small islands of Polynesia to be swallowed by the rising tide . Why no more islands affected by this and how can you avoid ?

  • 12In the recent major earthquake in japan why were the tsunamis so small?

    earthquakes similar principles have been know to create massive tsunamis in the past decade .