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3 earthquakes since last year ? What's going on ? Earth could survive after 2012 , right?

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#21Judy and groupAnswered at 2013-11-10 20:58:06
We average some 150 earthquakes a day.

As for the "It's 2012 and we're all gonna die!" That's hype dreamed up in the 1960s by some artist (not even a scientist or historian, much less a Mayan expert)

But then we've had numerous "the world is gonna end" since the 1960s. That's when the "Population Bomb" told us civilization would crash in the 1980s. However "Famine 1975" had us dying then, you get the picture
#22shylaAnswered at 2014-01-02 19:49:28
Business as usual.

Only gullible people believe the end of the Mayan calender has any real significance.
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Atheists, Christians and others?

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