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Whats a good beautiful green place to live at? related questions

  • 1Whats a good beautiful green place to live at?

    Ok , I live in McAllen Texas and as I dont really like it so much I want to live in a beautiful place where the green and lots of trees and nice houses and nice real schools ... If you've ever seen

  • 2Is Framingham Massachusetts a good place to live?

    Well , all my friends told me that is a good place for what it is . Because I want to go there, but I mean is there any natural or anything disastera . Like what will an earthquake or zone.

  • 3Is this a good pokemon leaf green team?

    I have a Blastoise lv 90 moves : hydro pump , waterfall , ice beam , earthquake ground motions Zapdos lv 91 : Drill Peck Thunder Lightning power secrets tyranatar lv 96 moves : Earthquake Stone ice edge pulse Shadowfang Dragonite lv 92 moves : outrage dragon claw fire blast fly lv 89 lugia Hydro Pump and Thunder Aeroblast Psychic moves flamethrow Magmar lv 92 fire and explosion fire ember hit 1 of 100 plzzz

  • 4Which is a better and safest place to live?

    Since I have a project and is about earthquakes . But I have to choose where is the safest place to live . Is Seattle , Washington or St. Louis , Missouri ?

  • 5Whats up with these earthuakes near me i live in missouri?

    Whats up with these earthuakes close to me who lives in Missouri ?

  • 6Where is a great place in the south to live?

    I am wanting to move, and I've heard good things both of Southern hospitality and I give it a try . I want to move somewhere that has a pleasant climate , not too hot nor too cold . Somewhere there any hurricane , tornado , earthquake . Not in a big city or somewhere, but it might be an hour or a few good-sized city . I know this is a lot of desires haha but any suggestions would be sooo helpful ! Thanks :)

  • 7What would be the best place to live in the united states?

    I'm looking for a place that the weather is nice most of the time actual.Al say well I mean hot breeze fresh rain without snow . No problems as earthquakes , tornadoes , and Hurricans such. Murder rate has to be low . Good entertainment for children , such as theme parks and more. Maybe the real ocean nearby. I worked in a casino and I do not mind doing that again . A place where it is easy to find work that pays $ 10 or more .

  • 8Where is the safest place to live in the world?

    Just thinking , where is the safest natural disasters such as tsunamis , earthquakes and so on?

  • 9Whats the safest place to be incase on a tsunami?

    I wonder what is the safest place in the world , aswell as in London which is the safest area ? To survive a tsunami aswell as an earthquake . Can an underground bunker to survive a megatsunami ?

  • 10Whats happening to this place we call HOME?

    Natural diasters after another ... the tornado that devastated Myanmar ( do not know if I wrote that right ..) and now the earthquake that left hundreds of thousands homeless .. what is our world ? one by one the people are dying like this .. What can we do to stop this? Is this a sign that our world is coming to an end .. ?

  • 11Where is the safest place to live , geographicaly speaking?

    Near the shores of the ocean you have to worry about earthquakes , typhoons , hyricains ... in the desert , you have to worry about dust storms and water . In the Midwest , tornadoes are scary things . So , where do you think it is safe to live ? I bet insurce agent could give me a great answer ... I can only hope .

  • 12Where would be the better place to live near a volcano or near a earthquake zone?