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QHow can I improve the quality of videos downloaded from youtube?

Hi . I am a student of architecture , I have to do a task with video review. I downloaded several videos ( ) on earth trembles ... but the quality is very poor . I'd like to improve that quality , anyone know if it is possible ? Any comments would be appreciated

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#1SeymourAnswered at 2012-12-30 13:33:56
Okay , I see. You can try this without tools :) Moyea FLV Downloader , download fast with very high quality , and it's free ! I've been using for a long time . You can save and download streaming video from YouTube , Google Video, MySpace , Metacafe , Dailymotion , iFilm , Music , eVideoShare , StreetFire , etc. off the computer's hard disk . < / a> ... < / A> < br >
#2abrianaAnswered at 2013-07-07 09:19:23
If I need a video to use in project like you and if the quality is low this is what I do.
1. Try to search youtube and Goggle for the same video with high quality. Then download convert and use.
2. What if there are not many video available? then download the only available video convert it, as it can not be increased more than 640x480 therefore use small size. But After converting from flash I import in to some video editors then adjust colors manually which give them a little bit good look. Then save it again.
3.After converting youtube video some times I also use Windows Movie Maker to add filter effects which give again a little bit nice look.

I have noticed the quality after conversion reduced further if the video converter is not of good quality.
I have many video editing software and converter I like Moyea Products specially when it is FLV conversion. I adjust color in Moyea FLV to Video even can add logo then again save as flash if I want to use on youtube. Link is given below. I got three or four software from the maker.

Hope this answer might help you and others wanted to do the same. For any further help send mail to [email protected] with same subject as here.
#3EseAnswered at 2013-08-14 18:48:22
Unfortunately, you cannot improve the quality of a low-quality video file. When a file's format is changed (for example, from .avi to .flv), the decompression and compression processes often sacrifice quality to reduce the size of the file. Remember, higher quality means larger file size, and You-Tube videos must be relatively small to upload.
#4CasyAnswered at 2013-12-13 23:38:34
try adding the "&fmt=18" at the end of the video url you are trying to download from... (without the double quote)


this will help you... use 'zillatube'

it is the easiest (and also the fastest) way.

Zillatube easily download videos from Youtube... to your computer, and more (e.g. it will help you convert them, or just watch them easily anytime you want).

It works very well - just yahoo or google search for "zillatube"…
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How can I improve the quality of videos downloaded from youtube?

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