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QHow earth Quake occurs?

this is funny , but my cousin said that earthquake occurs when the earth stops revoving a second in a particular place felt like the earth is shaking then asked when the earth stops spinning , then the effect should be on why balloon is placed in a particular place ?
then started explaning , land is much higher and stops for a second and then there will be some short vibrations are only in some parts of the world .
This theory explains my cousin was different from what I've heard . i just scratched his head and went on another topic.
what do u think about his theory of Earth Quake . Do you agree with him ?

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#1ColbAnswered at 2012-12-28 14:15:29
Your cousin not could be more more wrong . Los earthquakes occur because of displacing plates tectonic . You see, the Earth has plates tectonic about la la surface which we live onwards , and , sometimes , move in around ay slide more of one another the creation of an earthquake . This is the reason earthquakes are centered near fault lines as the the Falla of San Andreas in California .
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How earth Quake occurs?

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