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QSolar tsunami supposed to hit earth today?

The solar tsunami supposed to hit Earth today and in all the websites that say they might be seeing lights in the sky , similar to the northern lights can be seen. Does light will show up here ?

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#1jonothanAnswered at 2012-12-07 03:59:54
I've been looking all night , but too much cloud cover here . ...
#2VicAnswered at 2012-12-14 00:06:17
Well ... there is a possibility that you can see in the middle latitudes to the Carolinas . Anywhere below the mean latitudes 35 degrees latitude , probably not see it. Not a Aurora clock in effect for the middle latitudes of the Earth for tonight 03 - August - a 4-Aug 2010. Yesterday , 01 - Aug -2010 , there was a large coronal mass ejection ( CME ) aimed at Earth from our sun . A CME is a cloud of highly charged particles that , after colliding with the Earth's magnetosphere , they can cause auroras . Usually only see auroras in extreme northern and southern latitudes of the Earth . However, if this CME is strong enough we could see the aurora to the Carolinas . Tonight ( March - August) is the best opportunity to see the aurora however 04- Aug 2010 can also be a good night for him . The best way to see Auroa is away from city lights and look north at night. With this , it is difficult to predict whether we will be able to see you here or what time will occur. So this is not a sure thing . You do not need a telescope to see the aurora . If you see the aurora at mid-latitudes , will be very cool! Still going to be blown away by it ! Solar tsunamis were recognized post 2007 ( see second link below) . CME tonight is very interesting because it is a material sun blew me a solar tsunami . This is there the first time I remember ever attacked a material event.
#3yyAnswered at 2013-10-27 07:49:44
Well it hopefully will dry up the friggin' rain that has constantly destroyed the July summer activities. As for "Northern Lights", I would settle for a few days of simple sunshine instead.
#4ZaboAnswered at 2013-11-23 01:29:01
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Solar tsunami supposed to hit earth today?

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