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Atheists what are your thoughts on this? related questions

  • 1Atheists what are your thoughts on this?

    The Quran answers God of gaps argument . Please take a look : .... Thank you.

  • 2Have you anything to add to these random thoughts?

    ... Really ... everywhere share their words to go ... ______________________________________ ... In his Marcos The simplicity of the human spirit Whispers in the world ... The complexity of the mind The cries of the mountaintops ... Echoes remind All that we are , and more Because sometimes we just , Trying to live in a box of society ... Poetry pokes holes in this box So our minds become a tool of To save what we can And leave our footprints in the sand ... Watch as the tide rises , To get our brand Then again aspire Into the depths To be left In other side , Somewhere unknown. ... by EvelynMine

  • 32012? what are your thoughts?

    2012 was supposed to be the year the world ends ... for some reason i find it very interesting and I know that many people have different views on this particular issue , so if you like, please give your opinion ...

  • 4What are your thoughts poets on these poems.?

    How do you feel about this script? I was wondering if I could get some feedback from other poets. Thanks for reading and God bless . STEPPING UP AT NIGHT DARKNESS By Daniel Peace is driven this time. Dissolve beyond the line is the light . Beyond the site, scarlet and purple shed their leaves. For this reason it becomes a cross solitary cirrus color. Behind the trawler just the first begins to shine. Blazing he is the only men's wishes are silent. Yellow stands a great east, as his family has. However, he left his jacket other big climbs. Dim are laying down on its way up Pale remarkable still is in heaven now. With a face that never dented the previous lights. Hunting, secrets, still rest takes place under him. ______________________________________ ... Call Faint By Night Carnivorous eyes glare down From a shed in lifting up. His students coal scan a serenity valley. Departing from the lower world, They look at the starry away empty. Below the Earth at night sitting still, However, quiet as a churchyard sacred. The tranquility is broken by a call, Holding like a lost spirit. ______________________________________ ... HE THE NIMBUS: By Daniel Mapp Very slowly floats the nimbus. He speaks words deep tremor, It does this by wrapping the sky crescent. His words more than the bells of the cathedral, Foreshadowing men of his wrath driver. With his tongue vibrating done with his warning, Bone as the light comes from his raft. This deformed trees into splinters, As the heat turns yellow in them. With the vision of his rage so careless, The droplets released, causing the wet foliage.

  • 5Thoughts on my love poem?

    Valentine virus ( A - cliché Passions trying to spread ) A few months ago I remember Zach Roberts said in class one day mundane " All poems are love cliché " I could not help but think that is? Does it have to be a philosophy within the realms of writing ? I think not. So naturally , I conjured up some paper , a pen , a handful of thoughts , and created this piece If a heart could crash I would be on the other side with open arms ready for fishing , hunting , pulses have heard before, but tonight my human self is hidden with the smell of tar and a gun in my hand . The trees seem to look like I found my next prey a girl caresses her lover . The bullet rushes sucking movements of the two . Instantly my hand reaches for the body and does not move .

  • 6Your thoughts one December 12, 2012?

    Just curious about what some of you think about this. And what kind of problems do you think will follow if everything we are told that it is not. I think people will be second guessing things like media and religion . P.S 'm having a big party on this date. Just going to ride dirt bikes and have lots of fun . With a group of friends .

  • 7What are your thoughts on the mine that collasped...?

    What do you think about this? Do you think you are still alive ? What do you think about the 3 rescuers die

  • 8Poem! thoughts? comments?

    Throughout fence misery And death's the hollow sound of life begins to drought through the rain , shadows walk along beside my heart surface The ground shakes when the storm begins What am I ? Who am I ? On the outskirts of mind corner of sanity Who have I become In this world aware Is it possible ? That maybe possibly I am who I am Under pressure from me I and I And it may be possible I'm even possibly Just maybe me

  • 9What are everyones thoughts on the end of life/world?

    I believe that Planet X is going to pass out in 2012 earthquakes , volcanoes , the worst winter storms ever and globally. What do you think ?

  • 10Weird Thoughts And A Few Questions About Earthquakes .....?

    I live in Las Vegas , Nevada and I am told that there are literally dozens of earthquakes all the time , but you never feel what I know and I've been stuck here since Star Wars came out ... (Long ) ... If a building was made of solid steel and was at least 2 feet thick on everything, including the subfloor would not have to worry about falling apart from shaking right ? Wrong? ( please bear with me on this ... I'm not trying to be a smart @ ss ... I have curiosity ) What dangers would a solid steel ( without windows ... doors only) is a story building raised face during an earthquake ? If the weight of a solid steel building is impractical , then tell me ... I can take it ... I can assume ? Have to worry about the opening of cracks and possibly building would collapse or fall into the crack during the earthquake ? Is the building was torn / split from the earthquake? I have curiosity ... Thanks and thumbs up to all who answer ... give me time to go back and read the answers. My thoughts and prayers are with all who suffer the whims of Mother Earth and the Japanese , who has suffered a terrible blow of the earthquake / tsunami . God be with you and bless you as you try to put their lives in order and with our help creators and Divine Will might know true peace . Amen .

  • 11Your thoughts and critiques on this poem of mine?

    Tonight, party with dogs , fruitful moaning by the master ! For ' although the remains are few, Is not food ? When dawn fades to dusk majesty plum I'm going out for a walk on the screen wonderfully sweet autumn however, the sadness wracks me , because really I am a witness the deterioration of the earth. I will be among the beggars , hands outstretched , with a little light shining dimly missing from above , screaming with disgust and pity ,

  • 12Christians/Atheists: what do have to say about this?

    Here is a handy list of 44 prophecies that warns of recent times : Increased capacity to wage war through technology Widespread bloodshed between nations and within many A move to the conformity of religion worldwide Gross deviation from the teachings of the Bible The emergence of a leading global religious The influence of Eastern religions , the occult , astrology Expectation of peace , without peace A Jewish state in Palestine feasible A treaty of peace in the Middle East Continuing apparent hatred of Jews by Arabs Building a place for sacrifice in Jerusalem The restoration of the sacrificial cult in Jerusalem Military invasion of Israel by international forces Famines time due to spills , wars , population pressure A large-scale artificial contamination and potentially fatal The economic recession and the deaths from the disease mega Destructive natural convulsions : earthquakes , floods , fires / li