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How do earthquakes move from place to place? related questions

  • 1How do earthquakes move from place to place?

    How earthquakes move from one place to another ?

  • 2Best place for me to move to?

    I'm finishing up at school with a teaching certificate from all the sciences and looking for a job as a professor of earth sciences . I love nature and am looking for marvelous views and diverse landscapes . I also love the weather (thunderstorms , tornadoes , hurricanes , etc. .. but not fire or earthquake) . My boyfriend is going to school to become a Chinese teacher . Any advice ? I'm not worried about finding a job as it is a high-need field to begin with. I'm from Iowa today and do not get enough severe weather here ;)

  • 3Where would be the best place to move with big cities?

    So I live in Tennessee so far I am from Chicago and that's where half my family. But I'm told that they will have a bad earthquake . So I'm not sure there. Also is suppost to fall and be in the ocean causing the earth to split. I do not want to live in a cold hot love . not California or Florida as Las Vegas . I want to go to a good college there too . Work on becoming either Forensic Science Laboratory , X-ray technology, computer stuff working very Programming computers and possibly used in construction forensic work also . I want to go to college for 6-8 years. to get a good pay . What would be a good city with large beautiful apartments .

  • 4Moving in a couple years....Not sure where to move to, just want to try some place new.?

    He has lived in Florida and now Georgia . Want to try another state . I was thinking of Austin , Texas . What do you think ? It has always been there , is it nice ? Or you can suggest a better place to move. Note that I want to stay away from the snow , intense heat , hurricanes , earthquakes , tornadoes , etc. and go to clean, not too expensive , with a good education system and people around 50 to 300.000 .

  • 5What is the best place to be if there is a tsunami?

    If there is time to get on a plane or drive a car , what can you do to survive a tsunami ?

  • 6Where will the Day of Judgement take place?

    On Earth ? But is it as the plain ?

  • 7Where is the best place to be during a tsunami?

    My brother is doing a project on a tsunami . Where is the best place to be when it arrives ?

  • 8What is the best place to get t-shirts printed?

    What is the best place to get t-shirts printed?

  • 9Do quakes take place on other planets ?

    We earthquakes on earth . Do other planets expierence earthquakes too?

  • 10Is there any place where they do subsonic research?

    Sounds are subsonic frequency sounds that are below the minimum hearing range of humans. However, these sounds can travel long distances without distorting . Some animals can feel the vibrations of this type that are naturally caused by the earth , animals that warns about earthquakes days before they reach your location . But my point is , if we can study these sounds we can build a better earthquake detection using the appropriate electronics ...

  • 11When did the last earth quack took place and where?

    Why was conducted

  • 12Which is a better and safest place to live?

    Since I have a project and is about earthquakes . But I have to choose where is the safest place to live . Is Seattle , Washington or St. Louis , Missouri ?