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QWhat effect will the earthquake and the tsunami in Japan have on international trade?

What effect will the earthquake and tsunami in Japan have in international trade ?

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#1Liz Marie SantanaAnswered at 2012-12-02 06:06:22
Hurt people buying products from Japan ( destroying the offer , raising the prices of Japanese products ) . Hurt people selling products to Japan ( lower demand ) . The only positive result of this international trade is far lower oil prices . Could help the domestic construction industry in Japan , though.
#2djamalAnswered at 2012-12-19 15:35:49
Stocks aside, they all reflect the disaster , the assets that were / are shipping to and from the affected areas of Japan and ships calling in Japan for refueling logistics are affected . Goods originating in Japan are on the back and the shipment of goods to Japan and has nowhere to go . Ports and harbors that were not affected by the disaster are doing double duty to absorb the excess of shipping and air freight. Note that the rescue and relief ships and airplanes have priority goods like iPhones and what not . All this diversion and cancellation logistics snowballs to support trade to other ports and harbors around the world . If a container ship that was originally destined for Japan is sitting in New York and has nowhere to go after a ship bound for New York from Sydney will be redirected to another dock that takes time and costs money . Without going into massive detail , is a logistical nightmare . The closest thing I can compare to is when a snowstorm in a part of a region and flights at airports are canceled decorous backlogging areas not affected by logistics .
#3LaoweAnswered at 2012-12-24 06:57:18
The shares have got off here in the U.S. ... be much affect trade especially in Japan .
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What effect will the earthquake and the tsunami in Japan have on international trade?

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