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Is this a good team in pokemon yellow, and in silver???? and what should each of their movesets be? related questions

  • 1Is this a good team in pokemon yellow, and in silver???? and what should each of their movesets be?

    Yellow : charizard Venusaur pikachu Zapdos blastoise snorlax or Dugtrio Silver : Typhlosion lapras amparos Victreebel lugia Octillery what should each of their movesets be ? ? ? ? ? by the way , I know they are obsolete , but im bored

  • 2Can someone give me good movesets for my pokemon white team?

    My team is scheduled Emboar , Beartic , Excadrill , Archeops , Seismi ... and haxorus If you are telling me tms good to teach my pokemon , then make sure they are available in the game .

  • 3Good soul silver team?

    typhlosin plume laval flamthorwer eruption earth earthquake Starmie navigate icebeam physical hydraulic pump Sceptile leaf leaf earth earthquake crunch toxic Ampharos Fire Punch thunder punch Thunder Bolt any suggestions ? Blissey softboiled toxic flamthrower thunder lugia airport explosion Hydro punishment fly

  • 4Rate my pokemon soul silver team?

    Hypno -hypnosis , eat sleep , psi - ray , Confuse Ray honchcrow - dark pulse, Confuse Ray , fly, air cutter Magmar confused - ray , Fire Punch , Fire Blast, with heat feraligator , surf , hydro pump , earthquake , ice beam Ampharos - thunder bolt , thunder punch, cotton spores , shock wave Victreebel leaf blade , sleep powder , poison powder , slurry pump if you do not like my team pls tell me how to improve it

  • 5Rate my pokemon soul silver team?

    Rate my team pokemon soul silver ? plz rate my team can now pokemon also help me to make it more balanced . Not sure about the last pokemon . Feel free for any suggestions . Article umbreon : remains payback curse toxic desire Aerodactyl Item : Focus Sash Stealth Rock taunt stone edge earthquake Salamence Item : Choice Band earthquake flamethrower outrage henhouse Metagross Item : shell bell meteor eruption earthquake agility explosion Blissey Giga imapact Soft Boiled aromatherapy Sing ( Not exactly sure but want to replace Thunder Wave )

  • 6Pokemon Soul Silver Team Setup Help?

    Let's say they are all level 60 . Feraligatr with Naive Nature ( Speed ​​Increase ) - Ice Fang Aqua Tail Earth Quake Crunch Ampharos with a calm (Increase Special Attack ) - Power Gem Signal Beam Thunder Bolt Thunder Wave ( Thinking about change that. Any suggestions ? ) Lugia with mild (Increase Special Attack ) - Physic AeroBlast IceBeam earthquake Dragonite with one nature (Increase Attack ) - Dragon Claw Aquatail SafeGuard Earthquake . Lucarion with Adamant nature (Increase Attack ) - Stone Edge Dragon Pulse AuroSphere ( Do I have to switch to Brick Break time? ) earthquake I have not a sixth pokemon yet. Any ideas on what it should be ? Thinking maybe a Gengar ..

  • 7Rate my pokemon soul silver team (10 points)?

    Charizard -Fly , fire blast , dig , flamethrower . Ampharos power gem, thunder wave bolt.thunder , cotton spores feraligator hydro - pump , surf , ice beam , dragon rage Sceptile leaf blade , knife , stone , earth quake , poison dust . Gallade Earth earthquake psibeam , Confuse Ray , swords dance . agron - earth earthquake , iron tail , defense iron head, but swine pilow ice lightning ground tremble , butt stomp , head

  • 8What do you think of the Pokemon team? / Do you have a good team to show off? (Diamond and pearl) ?

    Male and female Rhyperior Pigoet . Rhyperior capacity lightning rod , berry passho element , moves stine edge , earthquake , mega horn , and rock crushing . Capacity Pigeot piercing eyes , dust brilliant article moves whirlwind , wind henhouse , cola and flyers . The only weakness water attacks . My passho berry helps a little . ( Both are lv . 100)

  • 9Is this a good pokemon team in pokemon diamond?

    pikachu lvl 100 moves are flamethrower ray waves and limbo lvl 100 moves are flamethrower fire blast explosion charazard burning and fly lvl 100 Infernape movements called mach punch explosion fire wheel and something I forgot mew2 movements are lvl 100 shadow ball aura sphere psyche n or earthquake or recover those are the ones I worry

  • 10Movesets for these pokemon..?

    I know a lot of people ask these questions , but I desperately need movesets for these pokemon . I will choose the best answer , no matter what, so if you are the only one 's comments with real movements , self get . All we need are better movesets absolute . :) Venusaur - Charizard - Muk - Raichu - Kangaskhan - Lapras -

  • 11Good 6th for my Pokemon team!?

    I want a special attacker or support pokemon . It is a mixed-level team . No ubers . My team so far is Metagross earthquake Meteor Mash Bullet Punch Zen Headbutt Houndoom Fire Card Sludge Bomb Machination dark pulse Aerodactyl Stealth Rock Taunt Rock Slide Steel wing Milotic recovering Toxic Ice Beam Surf Tyranitar Crunch Earth Quake Stone Edge avalanche

  • 12Good pokemon team????????????? help?

    Would make a good team for me with these or other suggestions ? Spiritomb lvl 80 moves dark pulse , psychic wind , silver , Shadow Ball . Typhlosion LVL100 movements flamethrower , earthquake , eruption , protect. Gallade lvl 100 perforated drainage movements , Psycho cut , Limbo , with the stone edge . Gliscor lvl 70 moves earthquake , Thunder Fang , Ice Fang, Fire Fang . Yanmega lvl 70 moves Air Slash , Bug Buzz , U -Turn , double team . Electivire lvl 65 moves Thunder punch , punch fire , broken bricks , giga impact. Rayquaza lvl 100 ev trained indignation moves , surf , earthquake , shadow claw . Weavile lvl 62 moves avalanches , sweep , weak attack and ridicule . Gyarados lvl 62 moves aqua tail , Avalanche , bite , giga impact. Milotic lvl 74 moves surf , ice beam , mirror coat , aqua ring . Espeon lvl 71 moves psychic , shadow ball , quick attack , the signal beam . Shedinja sneak lvl 73 shadow moves , Shadow Ball , Confuse Ray , fury cutter . Umbreon lvl 62 moves Dark Pulse , Psychic , Confuse Ray , Double Team . Those are my pokemon are good and if your other suggestions for new legendary Pokémon is also useful . thank you