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What would the step by step process of a Black Hole swallowing the Earth be like? related questions

  • 1What would the step by step process of a Black Hole swallowing the Earth be like?

    So I read that a black hole can literally tie a planet out of orbit and swallow . Now let's say that for some strange reason the Earth is swallowed by a black hole . What would that humans first noticed ? How long until our environment collapses ? What are the first steps ? Would things begin to float slowly died as losing vital chemicals in our atmosphere ? How long will it take? Do we freeze first floating away ? Earthquakes ? Extreme temperatures ? Changes polar ? Every day , we experience ?

  • 2What is the next step for me to do to be a marine biologist?

    I 'm in tenth grade now and I've decided I want to be a marine biologist . I chose what college in my area I would like to attend and is one of the best in the country . I talked to my school counselor briefly and taken almost all math and science classes offered at my school already . What should I do now ?

  • 3Consider again how this speaks to you as we go a step further on this subject.?

    How does this scripture speak to you ? Psalm 46:1-11 ( New International Version ) Psalm 46 For the director of music. Of the sons of Korah . According Alamoth . A song . [ A] 1 God is our refuge and strength , present help in trouble . 2 Therefore will not we fear , though the earth way and the mountains fall into the heart of the sea, 3 though its waters roar and foam and the mountains quake with their growing . Selah 4 There is a river whose streams make glad the city of God , the holy place where the Most High dwells . 5 God is within her, not fall ; God will help her at break of day . 6 Nations are in uproar , kingdoms fall ; raises his voice , the earth melts . 7 The Lord Almighty is with us ; the God of Jacob is our refuge . Selah 8 Come and see the works of the Lord , desolation that has brought to earth . 9 He makes wars cease to the ends of the earth : that breaks the bow breaks the spear , burns the shields [ b ] with fire . 10

  • 4If a black hole was as near to planet earth as the sun, what would happen to earth? what effects would we feel

    If a black hole was as close to Earth as the sun , what would happen to the earth ? What effect would feel

  • 5All Governments and presidents world wide should step down,the money it took to pay these people could feed?

    the hungry and homeless , watching the news on television at night makes me sick to see these leaders called on other world of there own rich get richer, etc and the poor poorer , and all earthquakes tsunamis more and more people will need help

  • 6What keeps the tide and the sea from swallowing up small islands?

    I'm watching a PBS special on the effects of global warming and the rising tide and the small islands of Polynesia to be swallowed by the rising tide . Why no more islands affected by this and how can you avoid ?

  • 7Whats inside a sink hole?

    or another, and which is also in the cracks in the surface of the earth when the earthquake ? Just curious .

  • 8Which are more powerful earth quakes or black holes?

    What are the most powerful earthquakes or black holes ?

  • 9What is the process of an earthquake?

    I live in Lima , Peru , and on Wednesday we just had the strongest earthquake in decades . The towns south of Lima were the most affected due to poor structures and materials used in homes and different buildings , killing about 500 people as of today and leaving about 150,000 homeless . The thing is that the whole country is shivering , we had over 400 aftershocks so far , so I wonder how it is that the whole country is shivering ?

  • 10What could you be letting go of in the process of Meditation?

    What could be missing out on in the process of meditation ?

  • 11What is the geographical process of floods?

    What is the process that causes flooding Geographic ? please help me I got a job for tomorrow and do not know what I'm doing **** or **** wat this question means if u answer will love you forever

  • 12First time i give credit to the the planning process of government ?

    The death toll from last night's earthquake largely do to the quality construction in Sikkim - Darjeeling area .... I agree if it were to happen that would greatly affect Delhi .. People ******* not know how to build ... and the lords of the land ye house just to make money without security planning ? Please pray for the welfare of all the inhabitants of the affected area ....