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QWhat schools are being canceled due to the Tsunami warning on Oahu?

My sister does not have school tomorrow because of tsunami warnings .
Can anyone give me the list of schools that are being canceled in Oahu ?

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#1AlicePAnswered at 2013-02-26 03:20:10
All schools will be cancle ! And cancel any way as teachers of one thing or whatever . But only worry about keeping safe and being to higher ground or to call some of the places where you can go to ur family shelters. Keep everyone safe ! God is there for you . God bless
#2Anatoly ZAnswered at 2013-05-21 23:58:47
There's no final list at this point.

You can listen to the radio for any updates as they read certain closings periodically -- I believe especially places known to be used as shelters for evacuation tonight. Some are still saying they plan to be open as usual, however.

Given how late people need to be up for this, or how they may have friends/relatives coming to stay with them, etc., tomorrow is likely a day where even if things are open, you probably won't miss critical stuff if you don't go.

Anyway, I'd listen to the radio. But a lot is going to vary with whatever starts happening (or not) around 3am.

Edit: They're now announcing all public schools closed, and many others as well. University of Hawaii says it's scheduled open, however.

Edit2: List is now posted with a half hour to go pre-tsunami. May change further afterward, but it's essentially everything going to be closed.
#3jodi jeromeAnswered at 2013-11-09 01:58:47
Most public schools are closed anyways due to furloughs. For a comprehensive list, here is the DOE website.…
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What schools are being canceled due to the Tsunami warning on Oahu?

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