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QHow is a house built?

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#1MayetteAnswered at 2013-01-24 20:32:43
Nails and strips , often screws . Gravity has most of it, as does the shear force of the coating. And yes , when necessary , earthquake and / or hurricane ties are used .
#2ahhAnswered at 2013-03-15 14:10:33
Take suggestions from house engineer .
#3JSMAnswered at 2013-05-16 23:48:49
with bricks
#4AnonymousAnswered at 2013-06-21 12:08:18
Lets build a 25'x50' two story home that also has a basement. First you dig out a big hole for the basement, then a trench where the foundation for the basement walls will be filled with concrete. Next building blocks are used to build the basement wall. At the middle of the 25 ft wall at both ends of the basement we will leave a notch for a big beam that we will install. It will go from one end of the basement to the other. In the basement we will build some supports for that beam since it is 50' long. Got that. 2"x12"x14' boards will be laid from the outside wall to the center beam every 16 inches. Onto this plywood is nailed down. The pieces are placed such that there are no long seams. Onto this plywood we will build the outer walls all the way around. Plywood will be nailed to these walls, but only on the outside part of the wall. The inside part will get insulation and the drywall. The walls will now be strong due to the plywood. We can even build the enter walls for all of the rooms on the first floor. However, it may rain so let get the roof on asap. After installing another beam down the center or using interior support walls we lay down more of those 2"x12"s to support out second floor. Up goes the outer walls with plywood to make them strong. At this point we decide if we want to build the roof support or buy them already built. Let's go with already built. They are called trust and we get them up on the top using a crane or some very strong guys. Again after installing them every 2 feet we install a layer of plywood to make it strong. Note: I've left out a lot such as earth quake hardware that may be required. Onto the plywood goes tar paper that will make sure any water that gets past the shingles that will installed next runs off the roof and not down into a room. Shingles go on next and then we'll put up the siding all around the house. Before the siding goes up we will put up what they call house wrap. It is a big sheet of plastic that keep the cold air out. Still with me?
Inside we go, and run all of the water pipes, heat ducts, and the electrical wires since there is no drywall boards installed. We'll do that next and then paint. However, before doing that we insulate the whole place, attic, walls, basement walls, you name it we insulate it. The kitchen is installed and all of the flooring put down.
And that is how a house is built..... Every step of the way we had an inspector come in and inspect our work. He either passes us or we do it over. Oh almost forgot the furnace that was installed when we ran the heat ducts etc. On Sunday evening Mike Holmes has a show that really gets into what is involved in building homes. He fixes what other guys screw up so make a habit of watching his show.
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How is a house built?

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