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  • PLZ rate my pokemon pearl team?

    Lugia lvl 100 fly aeroblast hydraulic pump pulse water shiny ho - oh LVL100 flamethrower sacred fire fly thunder giratina lvl 100 aura sphere earth to shadow force draco meteor latios lvl 100 psychic luster purge Ice beam fly japanese raquaza lvl 100 more heat extreme speed Thunder Bolt earth earthquake Deoxys lvl 100 psychic thunder shadow ball psycho boost 1-1000 rate ps I do not cut

  • Is this a good pokemon team in pokemon diamond?

    pikachu lvl 100 moves are flamethrower ray waves and limbo lvl 100 moves are flamethrower fire blast explosion charazard burning and fly lvl 100 Infernape movements called mach punch explosion fire wheel and something I forgot mew2 movements are lvl 100 shadow ball aura sphere psyche n or earthquake or recover those are the ones I worry

  • Rate my Pokemon Team please!?

    Please, I need to know if my pokemon team is good or excellent or even if it sucks . please rate it from 1 to 10 and please make some suggestions . thank you very much . Gyarados ( leftovers) - earthquake , ice fang , aqua tail , stone edge Garchomp ( Razor Fang ) - dragon rush , earthquake, fire fang , iron head Infernape (Life Orb ) - Thunder Punch / grass knot , flare blitz , close combat , land earthquake Weavile ( Focus Sash ) - Ice Punch , revenge , night slash , x - scissor Gallade ( Scope Lens ) - blade , night slash , psycho cut , drain punch Pikachu (Light Ball ) - Iron Tail , lightning , grass knot , focus blast

  • Is this a good pokemon team? Garchomp, Typhlosion, Mismagius, Snorlax, Skarmory, and Lucario?

    Garchomp / inflexible nature moves - dragon claw / earthquake / crunch / stone edge Typhlosion / modest nature moves-flamethrower/sunny Day / Solarbeam / shadow claw lucario / timid nature moves -aura sphere / earthquake / rock slide / PHYCHIC Mismagius / bold nature movements perish song / media look / target bonus / shadow ball snorlax / careful nature moves-amnesia/rest/sleep talk / body slam from Skarmory / naughty nature moves -stealth rock / spikes / Roar / henhouse If there is a good team , then you can explain how I can do better ?

  • Is my team good?(pokemon platnum)?

    Here is my pokemon team : Torterra synthesis leafstorm eathquake giga drain Gyrados navigate Hydro earthquake blizzard Jolteon thunder download double kick last resort Arcenine flame thrower crunch heatwave flare bombardment Porygon - Z nasty plot thunder hyper beam recover Drapion cross poison earth earthquake X - scissor Aerial ace I have little experience so if yall could tell me a good team and give me some tips on how to do better i appreciate it :) ) )

  • Is this a good team in pokemon yellow, and in silver???? and what should each of their movesets be?

    Yellow : charizard Venusaur pikachu Zapdos blastoise snorlax or Dugtrio Silver : Typhlosion lapras amparos Victreebel lugia Octillery what should each of their movesets be ? ? ? ? ? by the way , I know they are obsolete , but im bored

  • Pokemon trade please?

    I need these pokemon for free and benefit statistics please Sloking : nasty plot , loosen , navigate, protect Arodactyl : stone edge , earthquake , stealth rock , iron head Crobat : hypnosis , x - scizzor , pioson fang , any movement Gliscor : perch, stone edge , arial ace , earth quake electrode : t bolt , earthquake , explosion , any movement Glacion hail, snow storm, shadow ball , toxic person who can give me these gets 10 pionts 0001 8881 4109 Paul leave your fc down

  • Could you rate my pokemon team?

    Sceptile Dragon Claw Sheet Sheet Crunch Toxic Milotic Psychic Ice Beam Surf attracting Ninetales attracting Flame Thrower Will -o- Wisp Confuse Ray Gardevoir Mental Peace Psychic Thunder Blot attracting Altaria Dragon Claw Earth Quake Flame Thrower Fly Manetric Thunder Bolt Double Team attracting Iron Tail

  • Is this a good team for Pokemon black?

    I'll get Oshawott torrent , modest.moves hydro pump , aqua Megahorn tail , razor skill shell.throh guts , adament.move set- a great job Brick break- storm -super shot power.archeops adament.move establish Dragon Claw - Crunch - old fly- added power.should I remove a Pokemon should I change some thing.plz reply

  • Pokemon platinum team?

    This is a good team torrtera earthquake ground motions , razor blade , Mega Drain , Grass Knot Staraptor -fly , wing attack , aerial ace , combat Luxray spark bite back by Floatzel - quick crunch aqua jet gun im a Lickitung training in a session lickylicky Yanma and Yanmega for what moves should I teach and u can tell me if I should replace the movement with certain movements on the other pokemon pokemon and the other thing I put in my computer

  • Is this a good team for battleing the eliet four pokemon in heart gold?

    this is my team Typhlosion lv 66 movements : Dig / Earth quake Explosion of burn Lava Plume Swift Leafeon lv 64 movements : Shadow Ball Dig Aerial ace Leafblade Crobat lv 64 movements : X - scissor Poison fang Confuse Ray Fly Lv 65 Garadose movements : Dragon pulse Waterfall Earth quake Hyper beam Weavile lv 65 movements : Ice Punch Swords Dance Night bar Birck break Ampharos lv 67 movements : Signal beam Thunder punch Power gem thunder any ideas on how to do better ?

  • What is a good moveset for the pokemon metagross?

    is guna be double battle . I have a blast , but idk . so far I have bullet punch , earthquake , explosion , meteor strike , protect. moves should I use for it ? ? i need help

  • Pokemon EMerald~Struggles in 6th gym leader... using earth quake i die in one hit..?

    What is a good pokemon against bird gym leader ? What type of pokemon should I use ?

  • Rate my Pokemon diamond Elite Four team?

    Militic lvl 55 hydro pump surf dragon pulse phsicic arua sphere lucario lvl 61 combat flash cannon bone peak Flash dialga lvl 53 cannon roar of time dragon claw power anctien Garchomp lvl55 dragon claw draco meteor earthquake ground flamethrower Hauter lvl 56 shadow ball sludge pump sucker punch evil wind Staraptor lvl 53 ariel fly as fast melee attack - soon to be a different neeeds movements suggestions , although

  • Pokemon tips or help!?

    ok I have a friend who always beats me right , so I hav a good game and do not know what to do 2 win ! plz tell me what to do! * = bright LVL100 Politoad hypnosis Focus Punch song parish earth earthquake Mew * LVL100 mega -punch metranome psychic ancient power deoxys * LVL100 zap cannon psycho boost psychic superpower rayquaza * LVL100 thunder outrage explosion fire navigate charizard * LVL100 ( with pokeris ) earthquake explosion fire forse shadow overheating and this part ...... I do not know what to choose pokemon i choose this LVL100 uaslly muk i hav to know : launch gunkshot Sludge pump and Flash cannon im not sure what to do to tell me what drives carry out and implement ! plz i need help! PS : What pokemon can not sleep ?

  • Dragonvale List of Dragons?

    can someone please give me a playlist of all the dragons in dragonvale ? thanks

  • Pokemon Stadium 2 Elite 4?

    What pokemon rent to use when fighting elite 4. Please be exact .

  • Pokemon white move set?

    Not sure that I also give my Registeel is one speciall attack . I do not know what move set to give it. Currently holds ; Charge beam icy wind Protect cosmic energy It works well , but is not very powerful . I could get rid of cosmic energy as defenses are grown . I use a load beam to move up as well. Thinking perhaps adding lightning instead of cosmic power or flash gun . What do you think ?

  • What do you think of my team 4 Leaf Green Please rate?

    Licktung / Marc Level 44 - Water - surf -rock smash Fight , down to earth quake, Fight- Seismic Toss Persian Level 46 - Normal - Flash , electric - Thunder , Normal -Cut , Ground -Dig Pidgeot Level 56 - Normal: Hyper Beam , Normal - Whirlwind , Flying- Wing Attack , Fly Flying- Kadabra Level 39 - Physical PysBeam , Physics -Role play , physical- Physic Blastoise level 86 - Water -Surf , Water , Water Pulse , Water - Hydro Pump, Hydro Cannon Water - Hitmonchan Level 49 - Metronome , Ice -Ice Punch , Fire -Fire punch , punch - thunder Electric Should I change ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

  • Can someone buld me a Pokemon Team for Firered?

    Expreince need someone for me to team pokemon . Yet I chose Squirtle as my starter. Please moves , natures , items to celebrate , etc.