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  • Rate my pokemon soul silver team?

    Hypno -hypnosis , eat sleep , psi - ray , Confuse Ray honchcrow - dark pulse, Confuse Ray , fly, air cutter Magmar confused - ray , Fire Punch , Fire Blast, with heat feraligator , surf , hydro pump , earthquake , ice beam Ampharos - thunder bolt , thunder punch, cotton spores , shock wave Victreebel leaf blade , sleep powder , poison powder , slurry pump if you do not like my team pls tell me how to improve it

  • Pokemon black and white what moves should I teach my pokemon?

    Yes this is my 4th time playing in black and white ( black and white once three times) for the 4th time you get bored of Unova pokemon is why I have Hoenn pokemon , so I 'm in town opelucid and I need you to tell me a pool for my pokemon good move up to the Elite Four my pokemon will be around level 50-52 attack Serperior : energy Ball ( I got white ) Tornado leaf : leaf blade: intensity . Blaziken attacks : Flamethrower : Brick Break : Goal fire: shadow claw . Swampert Attacks : Ice Make : Surf : waterfall : earth quake . Aggron Attacks : Iron Tail : Brick Break : Edge of stone, earth quake Zebstrika attacks : beam : call load : Load savage shockwave . Sigilyph ( I just got this guy because I have all the other types of flight) psy shock : air slash : Psychic : Mosca . So I wonder really well to change blazikens shadow claw attack heaven PS Sorry for the long description

  • Pokemon Black 2 - Rate my team?

    My team is Samurott Arcanine Flygon Lucario Umbreon Have not yet decided my sixth pokemon . Any suggestions on how to make this better ? Thank you.

  • Rate my Pokemon Party?

    Tyrannitar - Earth quake - Crunch - Stone Edge - Rock Slide Dragonite - Level 61 - Draco Meteor - Wing attack - Dragon Rush ( Dragon is moving better than this ? ) - Aqua Tail Feraligatr - Slash - Ice fang - Waterfall - Crunch Charizard - Fly - Fire Card - Earthquake - Rock slde Gengar - Shadow Ball - Thunderbolt - Focus Card - Explosion # 6 - still do not know Please let me know if I should change my sets move and please recommend a 6 # for me . THANKS !

  • What Do You Think Of My Future Pokemon Fire Red Team?

    I need to stop thinking more Pokémon so far all I have is Charizard Pidgeot Pikachu Snorlax Feel free to make any changes except Charizard

  • Pokemon Heart Gold Are my pokemon good enough for the elite four and campion?

    My pokemon are level ... Gyarados lv.40 moves Aqua Tail, Dragon anger , Fang Ice Twister . Poliwrath lv . 41 moves Surf , Whirlpool, Waterfall , Hypnosis . Earth Quake lv.41 moves Mamoswine , Ice Wind , Ice Shard , former power . Sudowoodo lv.41 moves Rock Smash , Rock Slide, Strength, Sucker Punch Ho - oh lv.48 Extraesary movements , Fly , Fire Blast , Sacred Fire . Typlosion lv.48 moves Lava Plume Flame Wheel , Flamethrower , Ember .

  • Rate my pokemon pearl team plz???

    all lvl 100 and what is in the brackets [ ] is what your ev'd trained ! ! Blaziken [ ATTACK

  • Is this a good pokemon team overall?

    Gyarados Dragon Dance Earth Quake Ice Fang Aqua Tail or Waterfall Alakazam Psychic Shadow Ball Focus Card recovering Dragonite outrage Thunder Wave Dragon Dance and a fire move ( help me ) blissy Stealth Rock Thunder Wave Seismic Toss Softboiled Milotic Aquamarine Ring Toxic Double Team ( and slightly thinner ) Tyranitar Earth Quake Stone Edge Crunch Subsitute

  • Can you rate my team pokemon diamond?

    I forgot to put my team here last time so here are Lvl 62 Gengar Hypnosis dream come shadow ball Sludge pump Staraptor lvl 61 areial as brave bird fly melee Machamp lvl 61 Cross Chop Rock Smash force focus blast Tentacruel lvl 62 Ice beam navigate hydraulic pump hyper beam Infernape lvl 62 earth earthquake blast burn rock climb explosion fire Luxray lvl 61 download Thunder Bolt crunch thunder

  • Rate my pokemon soul silver team (10 points)?

    Charizard -Fly , fire blast , dig , flamethrower . Ampharos power gem, thunder wave bolt.thunder , cotton spores feraligator hydro - pump , surf , ice beam , dragon rage Sceptile leaf blade , knife , stone , earth quake , poison dust . Gallade Earth earthquake psibeam , Confuse Ray , swords dance . agron - earth earthquake , iron tail , defense iron head, but swine pilow ice lightning ground tremble , butt stomp , head

  • Rate my 2nd pokemon team?

    Rate my second computer and tell me what to add / remove All Lv.100 Electivire Dusknoir Salamence Charizard Kingdra Metagross Plz tell me what is your opinion on the best plays

  • Pokemon emerald is my team good enough to beat the elite four?

    Sceptile : . . . ( Lv54 ) limbo earth earthquake thunder punch Brick Break ..... Ninjask : . ( Lv51 ) excavation slash double team . Relay ......... salemance (50) up . bite . Steel wing . dragon claw ......... Aggron ( lv50 ) metal claw . thunder punch. ice punch. strenth .......... gyarados (52) trash. bite . waterfall earthquake ................... nine stories ( lv52 ) quickly . flamethrower . confuse ray . will-o - wisp . ............ that is that and please respond

  • Good pokemon black team?

    Samurott latias flareon shandelure Lilligant emalgo or should I change it , I'm still leveling up

  • What type of pokemon should i have in my team?

    I have Vaporeon

  • What moves should I teach my pokemon in Diamond?

    This is my team Poke'mon , and wondered if it was a good team and if you should replace any Poke'mon , I think my team is pretty good , I have all kinds of covers , but what do I teach them how to move? Also are the elements that hold well ? Note : . Despite having all the Poke'mon boot , I bread myself, so it's not my Poke'mon traded Luxray : Level 36 [ Dread Plate]

  • My pokemon diamond team?

    hey just asking for a little help PKMN team , so anything that helps dosent invole breeding , because I hate that kind of shit , anyway this is my team Milotic ( thinking of changing to something ... ) navigate Ice beam recover aqua ring Tyranitar crunch Earth quake stone edge rockslide (I can not think of what to put in ) Blissey Softboiled sing Ice beam egg bomb ( never use hate trying to switch to a t -bolt I get enough coins ) Garchomp Earth quake crunch dragon claw draco meteor Skarmory Steel wing replace peaks fly Gengar focus blast shadow ball shadow claw dark pulse so any ideas on how to make my team better, and i take all suggestions critisisms consent so ... help me

  • How do you breed a quake dragon in dragonvale?

    Dragonvale but I have not know how to raise a dragon earth earthquake and dealing with lightning, but does not work ! Help ? ?

  • What do you think of my pokemon team? 1-10?

    This is my team : Inferape -Stone Edge Flare Blitz melee Shadow Claw Feraligatr -Surf Ice Beam Super Power Earth Quake Alakazam - Psychic Focus Card Energy Ball or Thunder punch Shadow Ball Togekiss -Fly Aura Sphere Extremespeed flamethrower Garchomp - Draco Meteor earthquake Dragon Claw Brick Break Well , what do you think ? Feel free to tell me if I should change anything

  • How good is my pokemon team and moves?

    Someone please rate and judge my pokemon team ? Constructive criticism is much appreciated and I give them points for helping! : D - Mamoswine - Avalanche , Stone Edge , Earthquake , Giga Impact - Dragonite - Roost , Dragon Rush , Aqua Tail , Fly Attack - Prygon - Z - Tri , Thunderbolt , Signal Beam, Recover - Eggseccutor - Giga Drain, Hypnosis , psychic Litter Flareon - Iron - Cola , Rest, Sleep Talk , Fire Fang - Espeon - Morning Sun , Shadow Psychic, Ball , Swift I can change anything at any time , but they only have about a week before you need to use the equipment at these tournaments and thanks for the help! : D

  • Good Heart Gold Team Moveset?

    I suck at movesets ... Well , here's the team I'm planning to use ( plus some that you can choose from : D ) Feraligatr - Def with Ice Punch , Crunch and Slash ( if I can use Nidoking 'll Cascada here) Raikou - Thunderbolt Dragonite -Fly , Dragon Claw Or: ? Arcanine - Flamethrower , Extreme Speed ​​, Flareon , ? , ? , ? , ? Typholsion - Flamethrower , Lava Plume , eruption ? Girafarig - psychic ? , ? , ? After: ? Umbreon - Shadow Ball , Payback , Mamoswine - Earth Power , Earthquake , ? , ? Marowak - Earthquake, Bone Club , ? , ? Primeape - Rock Slide, ? , ? , ? Gengar - Hypnosis , Dream Eater , Shadowball , Psychic Nidoking -Surf , Earthquake , Megahorn , ? There my Pokémon for the team . Hope you can help. By the way , is the legendary Raikou and I'm only using Dragonite is the only Pseudo - Legen I'm using. Thanks ~ Umbreon