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  • How can I download free MOTORCYCLE GAMES?

    No small games wan't to 10MB. Demos can be good . But flash games . Tell me the site ( s ) . For the sake of 10 points! ! Please help me .

  • Need Advice for my Pokemon Team?

    Mostly I like guys Poison , Dark , and land . The computer I am thinking some double battles Venomoth ( Sandman , Phsycic , Bug Buzz , Toxic Spikes Weezing ( explosion protection , Destiny Bond , Thunder Bolt) ? Skuntank ( Toxic, Protect, Explosion , Flame Thrower ) Croabat ( Brave Bird , Confuse Ray , Shadow Ball , ? Drapeon ( Earth Quake , Night Slash , Poison Cross , Ice Fang and Toxicroak ( Sucker Punch , Earth Quake , Surprise , protect I'm thinking Drapeon Toxicroak and may have Earthquake and Venomoth , Weezing and Crobat can evade while I use it. Skuntank and Weezing can also have Protect and explosion of a last resort I just need advice and information

  • Is this a good team so far for pokemon diamond? im not done yet?

    Dragonite - dragon rush dragon dance fire punch and earthquake ground Garchomp - Dragon Claw Swords Dance and substitute earth quake Blissey soft boiled wave seismic shaking thunder and stealth rock Metagross - zen headbutt and gigaimpact meteor mash earthquake ground Tyranitar Earth earthquake stone edge polished stone and crises substitute gengar shadow ball psychic and focus blast items that are holding . Garchomp -life orb Blissey - leftovers Tyranitar -left overs entire lens Metagross Dragonite -focus band gengar - shell bell lvl 89 atm all im trying to get to lvl 100 places anyone wants me to train?

  • An idea for competitive onlie battling in diamond and peral?

    I refuse to use legendary , has no ability to make them want to use real legendary pokemon and non-economic . blissy thunder wave seismic shaking counter ? ( What do you think) Shuckle rest toxic ? ? I need more pokemon and I think the statistics afflictions will do nicely. any ideas? Of course , again my computer is destroyed by the security guard and mockery . any ideas to deal with that?

  • Which is the better pokemon team?what moves should they know?

    arcanine , Milotic , venasuar , Gallade , Dragonite , Glaceon or charzard , Swampert , spectile , espeon , elelatvire , Rhyperior or Blaziken , Empoleon , Torterra , Metagross , Garchomp , Luxray

  • Is this a good pokemon team please rate!?

    This is a double battle team 1. Darkrai -dark pulse -ice beam vacuum -dark explosion - focus 2. Deoxys ( attack form ) - Zap cannon speed -extreme explosion - focus psycho - momentum - Work well together 2 Darkrai puts both oponnents to sleap and then destroy 3 Gliscor - Guilotene -poison jab - henhouse protection 4 Salamence - Draco Meteor fire explosion - earthquake up - Salamence is a sweaper and used earthquake while Gliscor Gliscor dodges and knows protect stop damage from waves 5 lapras pure cold - - Blizard - Thunder browse 6 Quagsire browse Earth quake - Blizzard protection Both can use surf and relive protect eachothers HP Quagsire knows what can stop earthquake damage

  • Tell me your pokemon team...?

    ok I want you to tell me your team pokemon (real ) so that I can improve my team .... so the one I like is to get 10 points

  • Which electric pokemon?

    Electric pokemon that I put in my pokemon pearl team? Gyarados ( leftovers) - earthquake , ice fang , aqua tail , stone edge Garchomp ( Razor Fang ) - dragon rush , earthquake, fire fang , iron head Infernape (Life Orb ) - Thunder Punch / grass knot , flare blitz , close combat , land earthquake Weavile ( Focus Sash ) - Ice Punch , revenge , night slash , x - scissor Gallade ( Scope Lens ) - blade , night slash , psycho cut , drain punch I can not put in a fire because I have electrivire red ( only have Ruby ) . if you can put in some plays for him please. Thanks in advance

  • Can i defeat the elite four on pokemon pearl?

    my pokemon are Torterra moves LV70 : cutting, razor blade, leaf litter , and rock Smash Uxie lv51 moves: confusion , yawning , extrasensory and psychic palkia lv : 54 moves : push water , heal block , the dragon's claw and rend space Staraptor lv42 moves: Brave Bird , Aerial Ace , disassembly and fly Azelf lv50 moves: confusion , uproar , vision , and a flamethrower and movements either Lv30 Floatzel : waterfall, surfing, waterskiing and jet movements Mantyke lv33 crunch or surfing, wing attack , striking the water , and withdrawal or Golduck lv 31 moves : Confusion , Water Pulse , surf , and waterfall tell me what you can change the amount of leveling up give me a strategy how to beat each of the elite four and cynthia (like what moves to use in each pokemon ) ok so please ill give you the best awnser for telling me what to do and I defeat

  • Rate my pokemon diamond team?

    Already posted this but can you tell me what I teach moves if good Lvl 62 Gengar Hypnosis dream come shadow ball Sludge pump Staraptor lvl 61 areial as brave bird fly melee Machamp lvl 61 Cross Chop Rock Smash force focus blast Tentacruel lvl 62 Ice beam navigate hydraulic pump hyper beam Infernape lvl 62 earth earthquake blast burn rock climb explosion fire Luxray lvl 61 download Thunder Bolt crunch thunder

  • Pokemon pearl team plz rate?

    Here is my team Garchomp / Scarf / inflexible outrage crunch fire fang EQ Milotic leftovers / / modest Surf Ice beam recover hypnosis Scizor / technicain / Leichi berry / cheerful Baton pass Swords Dance agillity Steel wing Weaville / Life Orb / cheerful Ice shard Ice Punch Brick break Night bar Porygon-Z/salac berry / shy Nasty plot Tri - Attack Thunderbolt Pyschic Arcanine / choice band / cheerful bombing Flare Thunder Fang Crunch Extreme speed Pleases any help is appreciated , thanks !

  • Please rate my pokemon team?

    Gengar timid nature special sweeper ability to levitate - -242 Hp -137 attack -152 defense -337 sp.attack -168 sp.defense -316 speed Thunder Bolt focus blast destination link shadow ball Cloyster fearless nature Wall pyshical link capacity-ability -283 Hp -186 attack -421 defenese -193 sp.attack -164 sp.defense -174 speed aurora beam hail peaks pulse water Absol playfulness sweeper pyshical -266 Hp -381 attack -161 defense -183 sp.attack -139 sp.defense -234 speed super luck ability night slash air as cutting pyscho perish song Ninjask sweeper and baton passer pyshical naive nature -259 Hp -254 attack -124 defense -133 sp.attack -107 sp.def -457 speed pulse rate capability swords dance henhouse pass baton X-scissor Umberon wall mixed nautre care -324 Hp -156 attack -295 defenes -162 sp.attack -352 sp.defense -159 speed ability to synchronize means looking psychic moonlight substitue Electivire sweeper pyshical inflexible nature -277 Hp -344 attack -165 defense -187 sp.attack sp.defenese -284 speed drive motor capacity earth earthquake brick break thunder wave giga impact (looking to replace) i have articles on them right now so I'm looking for suggestions.

  • Rate my Pokemon team...?

    Torterra - Lv . 100 Moves : Stone Edge , Leaf Storm , Earthquake , Gyardos - Lv . 100 Moves : Dragon Dance , Hydro Pump , Earthquake , * ? Gengar Lv - . 100 Movements : T - Bolt, Shadow Ball , Focus Blast , ? Staraptor - Lv . 100 Moves: Close Combat , Fly , ? Garchomp - Lv . 100 Moves : Draco Meteor , Earthquake , , ? Rapidash - Lv . 100 Movements : Power , Flamethrower , Sunny Day , sunbeam I will not use this for online battles , but if I did , what should I change ? Please help with the? Please !

  • Help on a new pokemon team?

    Lol I completely scrapped my old computer , and I will make a new one . I decided on some of the pokes I'll get , but I'm not sure about others, here's what I have so far ( or want ) also need items! Metagross Adamant - Physics - sweeper Meteor Mash Zen Headbutt brick break Earth Quake Tentacruel -Calm - Spiker , Hazer , special wall Picos Toxic Haze navigate Sludge pump Toge kiss -special sweeper , modest - Machination Slash air Shadow Ball Water pulse Ninjask - Jolly - baton passer swords dance agility baton pass (obviously ) X scissors and well worth it , any suggestions will be helpful.

  • Is my team good? on pokemon i have all level 100s?

    palkia tear spatial dragon claw navigate earth earthquake Gallade leaf leaf earth earthquake psyco cut melee Electivire thunder punch Fire Punch thunder gigaimpact flareon througher called explosion fire shadow ball gigaimpact dagonknight outrage earthquake fly gigaimpact

  • Rate my pokemon team on diamond?

    The current team that I have not written in stone yet. However, this is what we have planned, to nature and EV points and such. Could someone take a look at this team and let me know what you think? Slot 1 ... Dragonite:. Modest Nature, Special Sweeper, EV points invested in special attack and speed Flamethrower Thunderbolt Ice Beam Dragon Pulse Although it is not advisable to Dragonite special attackers, see lots of potential for him as a special attacker. His survey of movement is very good as a special and can change the course of battle. Slot 2 ... Milotic: Modest nature, special wall / physical / special sweeper. Ev points invested in defense, speed and special attack. Hypnosis Surff Ice Beam Recovery Milotic is a great natural wall special attacks. With ev points placed on their defenses, it becomes a very well rounded wall. In nature modest statistics specal attack EV points do not require so much so anything extra can go to make a fast, sweeping wall. Hypnosis is used to give me the advantage in battle and only gently in my opponenet swat away while I used the opportunity to recover and restore the health of all. Milotic pokemon is a pretty reliable when I'm up against the wall, even against the elements of the opposite type and especially dragons. Slot 3 ... Swampert: neutral nature, Semi wall / physical sweeper. EV points distributed between attack, speed and possibly the defense or special attack. (Have not yet decided on this.) Waterfall Earthquake Brick Break Ice Beam Swampert is my main physical sweeper. He has the defenses to hold a semi wall, but it works great as a sweeper. His moveset is designed to be very complete, the special ice attack that is used to extract the element type of grass. Demolition makes it a good move against normal types and movements typical STAB others work well together physically. Slot 4 ... Gengar: timid nature, Special Sweeper, EV points invested in speed and special attack ... Hypnosis Shadow Ball Focus Card Thunderbolt While Gengar's defenses are horrible, is speed thanks to the shy nature makes a wonderful pokemon. I invested all his special attack stats and speed to be a strong pokemon and gave hypnosis to recover their defenses down. What good is a pokemon that can not be attacked again? Thunderbolt deals with many water pokemon you see and shadow ball eleminates threats pshycic ghost pokemon. Focus Blast is mainly for dark types, but can be used against ordinary, well, namely snorelax after hypnosis. Slot 5 ... Steelix: careful nature, Physical / Special wall / Physical Sweeper. Ev points invested in special defense, and both attack and hp if not both ... Earthquake Iron Tail Crunch Explosion / stone edge Steelix is ​​still in compeititon with Metagross like my type of steel, but what I like about Steelix is ​​doing a great threat to the dark psychic and ghost pokemon with high strength. Crunch takes dark and psychic, while the tail earthquake or iron helps deliver strong pressure on other STAB. Explosion is in question at this time, since it can be used as a last resort, but knowing when to use that measure is still a mystery. The investment is to make special wall wall Steelix pokemon with a well rounded attack stat that can let you give the most damage in his tenure as a wall. Slot 6 ... (Open to debate) They have not come up with a sixth pokemon and am currently still working on it. Pokemon Salamence listed include, Torgerra or Infernape. Something along the lines of a physical sweeper, pretty well rounded. Just know that this slot is dedicated to a physical sweeper, with a variety of attacks.

  • Rate my pokemon platnium team?

    Garchomp lvl67 Draco metoer Earth Quake Dragon Claw Dragon Rush Blaziken lvl67 Sky uppercut flamethrower Focus explosion Blaze Kick Roserade lvl67 magic leaf Energyball Petal Dance Giga Drain lvl65 Rhypherior Megahorn hammer arm Rock crane earthquake lvl65 Honchcrow Psychic dark pulse Fly Steelwing If you have any suggestions , please let me know

  • I have a mystery dungean and i need to know how to get latias and latios?

    i Bught the south of the island and I have a hangover , but I can not get their northern range or earth quake there so do not know what to do plz someone tell me what I have to do before then to get latios

  • What do u think about my pokemon diamond team?

    hi ppls im in the seventh plate in my game pokemon diamond and was wondering if my team needs some changes empoleonLV58 rampordosLV57 staraptorLV56 gliscorLV55 lickilickyLV54 rapidashLV53 if u think i need any changes at all please tell me thanks