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  • Do you think man is responsible for the recent disasters like "The Katrina", The Earthquake in India ,Tsunami?

    Do you believe that man is responsible for the recent disasters , as

  • If big earth quake,dark cloud, smokey air suddenly coming &3 days darkness. wat would u do?

    If large earthquake , dark cloud , smokey air suddenly comes

  • Can microsoft come up with an itnernet banking system whereby we could send money to china earthquake victim?

    MICROSOFT CAN COME WITH INTERNET BANKING SYSTEM BY WHICH WE CAN SEND MONEY TO CHINA EARTHQUAKE? It's time to MICROSOFT REACHES AN INTERNET BANKING SYSTEM BY WHICH WE CAN SEND MONEY TO CHINA EARTHQUAKE VICTIM OF OUR BANK ACCOUNT IN CHINA BANK ACCOUNT AT THE SPEED OF LIGHT. This means when I open my ATM, I can see two form set. A WAY TO MY ACCOUNT AND OTHER FORM OF CHINA. MY ACCOUNT NUMBERS HAVE TO GET TO 12 digits. ACCOUNT NUMBERS HAVE GOES INTO CHINA 12 digits. Therefore, two Whiich SIMULSTANEOULY ACCOUNT WILL OPEN MY ACCOUNT ACCOUNT IS CHINA. I can transfer my money to the account and press ENTER CHINA. WITHIN A MINUTE OF U.S. $ 1.00 CHINA REACH ACCOUNT. 7000000000 THERE PEOPLE IN THIS WORLD. THEREFORE MUST HAVE U.S. $ 7,000,000,000 SEND TO CHINA IN A GIVEN TIME. People could send money. Companies could send money. Governments could send money. Therefore, in U.S. $ 7 million dollars, I'm sure the Chinese government could use the money to buy food, clothing, a shelter for five million people affected. 5 million victims X 1 A U.S. DOLLARS ======== 5,000,000 ======== 5,000,000 X U.S. $ 10 =========== U.S. $ 50 million ============ 5,000,000 X U.S. $ 100 ============= U.S. $ 500 million ============= 5,000,000 X U.S. $ 1,000 ============== U.S. $ 5,000,000,000 =============== 5,000,000 X U.S. $ 10,000 =============== U.S. $ 50,000,000,000 =============== COME TO UNDERSTAND THAT WESTERN UNION BANKING SYSTEM IS THE BEST YOU CAN TRANSFER MONEY FROM A NATION TO ANOTHER IN A MINUTE OR THE SPEED OF LIGHT. MAYBE, MICROSOFT CAN BUY THE WESTERN UNION AND MODIFY THE CONTENT MADE FOR THIS. When speaking of secondment of fact, I'm sure MICROSOFT could double market capitalization to be number ONE COMPANY IN AMERICA 2014. We want to send OVERSEA MONEY BUT SOME ARE VERY SLOW AND NO BANK AND SEND MONEY. Therefore, with this new system, humanity can send money to any nation on earth within a minute and thereby bring happiness to people who are suffering from problems related to food, clothing, shelter and other things. WE CAN DO IT THEN PROVE? EARTHQUAKE

  • Is it right that the newer the building is the more chance to survive earth quakes?

    Building codes to make the earth tremble at the s . calif change too often? Do you use the same codes for the few condominium apartment buildings and houses ? Thank you.