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  • Which pulls with greater force on the earths oceans, the sun or the moon?

    which is more effective in increasing tides? Why are your answers different ?

  • 2012 world end looks really real now?

    I mean , I do not beleive , but . just look at the very recent earthquakes have had no seasonally warm weather in north america , super record cold temperatures and record snowfall in the southern hemisphere ..... solar flares , prey

  • What will happen in 2012?

    Does the world really end? If so ... What will happen? ? ?

  • In earth quakes lot of people died at the same time.that time astrology will work or no?

    In ground shakes many people died at the same time time.that astrology work or not ?

  • When will the world end?

    I think the world is coming to an end , the reason is becuz the economy is bad there is no work at this time .. They say it will improve employment and ect ... I personally do not think so. every day more and more people are losing jobs there .... eventually everyone will go crazy and kill yourself, it's sad but true , there becuz going to do .. What do you think ? Do you really believe that the world will end in 2012 ? maybe not 2012, but its input and truth ... Everyone is going to give different numbers buts that's ok .. No one is sure when the reality will end its just going to get in the blink of an eye ..

  • Do u think we can build a massive structure, so big as to reach to the moon?

    Imagine this, with all the modern equipment do not forget me if u want to star ,

  • If the moon were twice as close to Earth as it is now?

    What would happen to the tides of the ocean ?

  • Which are more powerful earth quakes or black holes?

    What are the most powerful earthquakes or black holes ?

  • Info on disaster in 2012?

    Does anyone know what is supposed to happen or theorys others who are or might happen in 2012 ? This topic interests me, but do not know much about it , besides global warming . Anyone know? or think ? Also my frend said that when foreigners are supposed to come here to earth .. Is it true ?

  • Whats all this mumbo-jumbo about the world ending in 2012?

    What is all this talk about the end of the world in 2012 ?

  • Are their any scientists out there who really believe the end of times is 2012? If not,what are your beliefs?

    I've been reading about the Mayan people and how their calendar ends December 21, 2012 and then last night I saw something about Nostradamus . and as he predicted that the end is near and when the Age of Aquarius is here the land is going to have the worst human beings have natural disasters . Do you believe this ? Or not ?

  • Could a large Brown Dwarf have a habitable zone?

    Let's say you have a hypothetical brown dwarf about 40-50 Jupiter masses , which is actively fusing deuterium in its core , and has a particularily bright light for its size. Could it possibly be a star habitable zone luquid oceans warm enough for water ( to counter the heat transfer of a tidally locked world ) . In addition , there may be enough for rock material to form a terrestrial planet ?

  • What Causes Ocean Tides?

    We are currently studying astronomy in my science class , and all isgoing good except the ocean tides. I mean , I do not feel like I really GET ocean tides , and how there Sring tides and neap tides , and why they happen , and such. If you could please explain to this I will be very grateful . Thank you. PS If you could keep it not too complicated , that would be great . Health !

  • Why are quakes called earthquakes?

    Is it just called earthquake because it happens on earth ? If so , if there was an earthquake on another planet like Mars ? Would mars- called earthquake ? If not , why not ?

  • How does the moon effect the tides and does the phase of the moon relate to the timing of the moon rising?

    How does the effect of the tides and the moon is the phase of the moon relate to the time of the new moon ?

  • Was there an earth quake like just right now?????!!!!?

    Was there an earthquake like right now? ? ? ? ? ! ! ?

  • -2012- What Do you think?

    Decemember 21 2012 . Personally , I think something will change , not necessarily the end of the world , but something .... There will be a galactic alignment with the Sun aligned with the center of our galaxy , and this only happens every 25 to 600 years. Science has shown . It will happen at exactly 11:11 Universal Time on December 21, 2012 . Nostradaumus wrote a book about this date . It is called

  • Help with Mars questions?

    Can you please provide me the following information topics - Water availability - Why humans on the planet Mars can only live in ? - What are the main problems to be overcome to ensure human survival on Mars ?

  • I have a question about the tides of the ocean?

    It is an essay question in my test I'll have tomorrow .. As the positions of the moon , the earth and the sun , and when you go surfing like I was in California ? ( when tides be higher ? ) Please reply .. Thanks in advance ( : .

  • What would earth be like without a moon?

    I know that the tide would disappear . Does this mean that the ocean would be perfectly still (except for earthquakes ) ? Does the ocean is so toxic , the fish would die ?